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RIMINI FIERA GROUP – The 2014-2016 triennial business plan presented

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RIMINI, Italy –  A press conference was held yesterday to announce the Rimini Fiera Group’s triennial (2014 – 2016) business plan.

Starting from a forecast Group revenue of 67,990,593 euros for the 2014 fiscal year and 76,544,056 in 2015, the business plan formulates a growth hypothesis by 2016 equal to a consolidated revenue volume of 85,757,363 euros.

In terms of profitability, the Group’s EBITDA will rise to 11,563,013 euros in 2014, 12,987,913 in 2015 and 17,569,955 in 2016.

These are objectives that the Group intends achieving by means of a synergetic consolidation and development process.

Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni explained, “Consolidation will be pursued by means of the important growth of the leading expos in our portfolio – particularly SIGEP, Ecomondo, TTG, RiminiWellness, ENADA and Tecnargilla – implementing and combining research & development activity and internationalization in a massive organized manner, the latter very widespread and regarding, with specific features for each individual expo, continental Europe, Eastern nations, North Africa and BRICS.

Development will also be boosted by new expos that are spin-offs of our historical exhibitions, appropriately subdividing the fairs and highlighting industrial sectors with market potential; this is beginning in 2014 with White Evolution on energy efficiency.


But, by means of dynamic R&D activity, independent expos will also be launched (in 2015 there will be Beer Attraction, spotlighting the craft beer world).

New expos will also arrive by undertaking acquisitions.

The strengthening and diversification of our subsidiary companies’ business will result in significant evolution in the stand-fitting and catering fields.

Plus, the restructuring of the Group with the integration in Rimini Fiera SpA of TTG Italia and Convention Bureau della Riviera di Rimini will have a positive effect on overall business in terms of the reduction of costs, greater organization efficiency and the ability to meet market and client requirements more rapidly.”

Cagnoni added, “These are challenging figures, but have been strategically studied by our management, which stands out for its competence and market presence.

Figures that, as far as profitability is concerned, are unrivalled in the trade fair field in Italy; they will require an extraordinary commitment by the Group, but are appropriately contextualized in the new economic scenario.

This industrial plan is a strong instrument for our Group, providing resources for the development of programs of national and international alliances with precious results for the entire surrounding area.”

Cagnoni concluded announcing that Rimini Fiera SpA’s debt will be paid off in 2016:

“At the end of 2013, following the investment of 300 million euros for the construction of the expo centre we inaugurated in 2001, we had a net negative financial position of 14.8 million euros.

In 2016, the debt will be paid off and we shall have a net positive financial position of 4.7 million.  This situation will enable us to begin distributing dividends, as of 2017, with 3 million euros.”


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