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Return to the classics: Sandalj’s new prized arabicas from around the world

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Throughout its long history in the green coffee market, the Sandalj Trading Company has always excelled for foresight, curiosity and innovative spirit. A novelty as a definition implies the discovery of new plantations, but in a seasonal product like coffee, producers and lots can often differ from their previous counterparts.

This often happens to the so-called ‘classics’ on the weekly price list. Products that the company distances when their quality falters, and then rediscovers and promotes once these products are back to their glorious self.

A perfect example is the Cuba Serrano Lavado, that Sandalj has just reintroduced in its Arabica selection, after almost 10 years of sabbatical.

This Cuban coffee makes for an excellent strong-bodied Espresso, delivering tangs of cocoa and tobacco, with a hazelnut, and cereal aftertaste.

At its HOST 2015 stand, Sandalj also served another Arabica of distinct prominence: the fully provenance-documented Nicaragua SHG Cavallino.

This washed Arabica is grown in the Las Manos and La Laguna areas in Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, and is SHG classified (Strictly High Grown). Shade-grown above 1200 metres, it is harvested between December and March.

The SHG Cavallino produces a full-bodied Espresso with a sweet acidity. The fragrances and aromas it releases range from peach to spices, and are enriched with nuances of cocoa.

The other two coffees presented at HOST’s SIC were Brazilian NY2 Cerrado Dulce 17/18 and Pergamino Sul de Minas from Minas Gerais.

The Cerrado Dulce is a sun-dried natural coffee, whilst the Pergamino is a semi-washed. These contrasts bring forth differing tastes: the Natural Brazil NY2 Cerrado Dulce 17/18 has a fuller body and rich chocolate flavours, while the Brazil Pergamino Sul de Minas has an almond and cocoa tang.

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