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RECIPE – How to make Bulletproof coffee in 5 simple steps

Here is the simple version of how to make Bulletproof Coffee.


At least 1-2tbs Kerrygold unsalted grass-fed butter.

1-2tbs of Brain Octane or XCT oil (these are 18x and 6x stronger than coconut oil, with no flavor.)

1-2 cups (~250-500ml) of hot coffee brewed with low-toxin beans (like Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee) using a metal filter (like french press or gold filter drip).

Five Steps To Bulletproof Your Coffee

#1 Make coffee: Brew coffee as you normally would. Make sure it’s the right kind of coffee. If you haven’t purchased Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans, read this post to find the best coffee in your area. Use a brown paper filter.

#2 Pre-heat blender: Boil extra water and pour it into a blender while your coffee brews to pre-heat the blender.

#3 Froth: Empty hot water from the now pre-heated blender and add the brewed coffee, butter, and XCT oil. Blend until there is a thick layer of foam on top like a latte. A Blend-tec or Vitamix blender will do it quickly, a normal countertop blender takes longer, and a handblender works ok if you don’t have a real blender.

#4 (optional): Add cinnamon, vanilla, dark chocolate, or a sweetener like Stevia, erythritol, or xylitol (this is technically a sacrilege if you use awesome beans, but some people love their mocha…)

#5 : Put on a satisfied look and enjoy the high performance buzz from your creamy mug of Bulletproof Coffee as you watch your chubby, tired coworkers eat low-fat yogurt and twigs for breakfast. It’s almost unfair.

Oh, and what’s the catch? You will have no excuse for not getting things done now that you’re powered by Bulletproof Coffee.

Key Points

  • Not all coffee is created equal. The wrong coffee will sap your energy and leave you feeling lethargic and irritable. This is the main reason people believe they don’t tolerate coffee. It’s not coffee they don’t tolerate, it’s the mycotoxins in the coffee. Make sure you read “3 Steps To Finding The Highest Performance Coffee In Your City” before making this. You can find coffee that’s guaranteed mycotoxin free here.
  • Only use grass-fed butter like Kerry gold. Butter from grain-fed animals has a different fat composition. It doesn’t blend as well, doesn’t taste as good, and lacks fat soluble vitamins (which is one of the reasons this makes you Bulletproof).
  • The XCT oil promotes high energy, fat loss, and brain function. It will make you feel better and get thinner. It also makes the coffee have a better feel in your mouth, but coffee with just butter is ok too.
  • Low-fat diets reduce the amount of fat-digesting enzymes you produce. If you’ve been avoiding fat for some time, add less butter and allow your body to adapt. Digestive support may be necessary. Taking a betaine HCL or a digestive enzyme supplement will help your body digest the butter as you ramp up to digesting real food. This goes double for vegans or people who have been starving on low fat or low calorie diets.
  • Don’t you dare use a low-fat butter substitute. Bleah.
  • Butter is better than even unhomogenized, grass-fed, raw organic cream. Processing denatures the casein proteins in normal cream. This makes them less bioavailable and potentially harmful. Besides, raw cream isn’t raw after you add it to hot coffee.
  • Use a sweetener, use xylitol, erythritol, or stevia.