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Rancilio V50 coffee grinder: convenient, versatile and well suited for any location

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MILAN, Italy – Rancilio previewed at Host V50, the new on demand grinder with a horizontal motor and 50 mm stainless steel vertical grinding burrs.

V50 is the ideal solution for every type of coffee preparation, from an espresso to a French press coffee, thanks to the wide range of adjustable grinding sizes.

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It is a space saving professional grinder, with all of its technology concentrated in just 15 cm, and it is well suited for any location and different consumption requirements, with an average production rate of 1.5 g/s for expresso.

It can be deployed as a second grinder in bars with high consumption, can be suitable as part of a set of grinders in specialty coffee shops and it is perfect for the home or the office.


The dose of coffee is easy to regulate and the desired size of grinding can be selected simply by turning the front ring control, which can also be used as a marking slate to mark the preferred grinding degrees and quickly set different coffee recipes on the fly.

Moreover, the dose of coffee can be dispensed directly into the portafilter, without leaving any coffee residue in the grinding chamber.

An innovative antistatic flap technology controls the output of ground coffee and reduces the spillage of ground coffee on the counter to a minimum.

It is possible to choose between two operating modes: “automatic”, which dispenses the pre-set single dose or “on demand”.

V50 is equipped with a self-standing hopper (capacity 0.5 kg) that makes it easier for the barista to refill the machine.

The fork where the filter holder is inserted, with the start button for dose dispensing, is designed to easily hook any type of portafilter, freeing the hands of the barista who can continue to work without wasting time while the machine is grinding.

The new Rancilio V50 will go into production in 2020.


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