Thursday 09 February 2023

Rancilio Group opens its second Spanish branch with showroom and training area in Madrid

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MADRID, Spain — With the opening of a new Spanish branch, the Group strengthens its market presence on the Iberian peninsula.

The new branch opening, the second one in Spain, reinforces the Group’s market presence on the Iberian Peninsula, where it already operates through the existing branches of Barcelona in Catalonia and Lisbon in Portugal.

The company’s commercial strategy looks to Spain with keen interest, where this year’s turnover has grown by +56% compared to 2017. Glowing results which endorse the positive trend recorded all over the Iberian Peninsula.

The successful sales performances of Spain and Portugal, which have involved all the main lines of business, show that the entire turnover of the Iberian market accounts for 8% of the total sales achieved by Rancilio Group.

These figures reveal the strength of trade relations set up with the most important local coffee roasters, with distributors and, above all, with large-scale multinational retail chains such as the DIA supermarkets and Ikea stores.

Located on the industrial estate of Las Arenas de Pinto, just outside Madrid, the new Spanish branch is not only a sales office. It also offers an elegant showroom for exhibiting Rancilio, Egro and Rancilio Specialty products, a spacious warehouse for product storage and a training area.

This space will host courses for baristas and product assistants and, as specifically requested by sales director Nuno Correia and technical director Carlos Freitas, there will also be an area given over to staff training.

The stand-out policy of the company, one which is applied to all branches and all employees everywhere in the world, is that of cultivating the professional skills and personal talents of its people with the aim of improving their knowledge of company products and the coffee business in general, through cultural activities and tasting sessions.

This new opening – says Giorgio Rancilio, President and CEO of Rancilio Group – underlines the growth of our company and the expansion of our network worldwide.  That of opening new local branches is a key point  for probing the dynamics of individual markets, reducing the distance between ourselves and our customers and, consequently, improving the services we offer, along with our personal and trade relations.  By being in Madrid and Barcelona, we are able to manage the Spanish market directly, increase brand penetration and constantly flank our partners with our coffee machines and knowhow, which is the real strongpoint of an international company like Rancilio Group“.

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