Sunday 26 May 2024
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Rancilio Group Deutschland moves to Frankfurt to be closer to customers

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MILAN – Rancilio Group Deutschland has moved offices to Frankfurt for a wider-reaching, more incisive presence in Germany.

Founded in 2002 in Weikersheim as the Germany-based subsidiary of the Swiss brand Egro, Rancilio Group Deutschland has also been handling sales of the Rancilio range in both Germany and Austria ever since 2008.

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Thanks to its network of expert specialist dealers, the company is able to dispatch finished products and spare parts from its in-house warehouse promptly and with unrivalled efficiency.

The main goal of the German subsidiary is to make the approach to our equipment simple and effective.


The new offices in Neu-Isenburg located close to the international airport of Frankfurt am Main, one of the world’s busiest hubs, opened in February.

Home to a team of technical experts and professionals with precisely targeted action plans covering different business scenarios, this can only mean that the full range of products will be marketed with a top quality service and in total safety.

This will in turn ensure that the Rancilio and Egro brands continue to expand and maintain their hallmarks of efficiency, quality and professional standards.

In order to keep riding the wave of innovation, anticipate the needs of users and spread the culture of coffee ever wider, what is needed is the ongoing commitment of those people who can make the difference, individuals who can bring their specialist skills and know-how to bear to maximise the performance of the whole team.

For Rancilio Group Deutschland, being close to customers and understanding their problems, a complete product range of unquestioned excellence, a first rate professional service and proven reliability are the keynotes for long-lasting success in both the present and future.


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