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Quamar, from small company to big brand: “Here is how we elevate relationships with our customers in Italy and abroad”

The Commercial Director: "Currently, foreign revenue accounts for 75% of the total, while Italy accounts for 25%. There has been an increase in foreign sales compared to Italy in the last year, partly due to the growing coffee culture in foreign countries."

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MILAN – Quamar was born in 2000 in Altivole, in the province of Treviso, where it began its journey initially as a modest local artisanal production entity which later transformed into a company specializing in the production of high-quality professional coffee grinders, experiencing significant growth.

Quamar is a well-regarded brand both in Italy and on the international stage. And to delve into the pillars of its success, we turn to the Commercial Director, Angelo Ceola, interviewed together with the new Export Sales contact, Clara Gandini.

La Cimbali
Clara Gandini (photo granted)

In over 20 years of coffee grinder production, what have been the major developments shaping this tool?

“Undoubtedly, the greatest evolution over these 20 years has been the technology that has set us apart. While in the past the market allowed manufacturers to transition from old-fashioned dosing grinders to electronic versions without extreme judgments, today’s standards for technological advancements are much stricter.

The tolerances and parameters are very tight, and reliability is a quality that cannot be
compromised. Therefore, the continuous application of technology to the components of our models has been our main focus and achievement.”


How much does your 100% artisanal production in Italy contribute, and what does it mean?

“Our craftsmanship forms the foundation of our work. We believe that this quality, which distinguishes Quamar’s production commitment, significantly impacts the company’s reliability. The personal attention to detail and precision in crafting each individual product, makes every piece unique. It’s a concept that only artisanal quality can guarantee.”

Quamar has a direct relationship with its customers, whether they are roasters or distributors abroad, they are true partners. What is the plus of your company that encourages customer loyalty, considering assistance and services?

“For Quamar, the concept of a customer extends to human value. The customer is not only seen as someone who engages in commercial transactions with the company, but as a person. Every customer who becomes our partner also becomes our collaborator and, as such, walks with us step by step, both in commercial relationships and technical improvements. They often inspire us to improve and innovate.

The promptness in cooperation or solving any issue predisposes our customers to loyalty, confident that they will always find professionalism and trust in Quamar.”

Do you receive feedback from individual customers as well as large buyers – from those buying a single coffee grinder to those purchasing a thousand? What is Quamar’s approach to these two types of partners?

“Quamar is characterized by treating every type of customer equally, from small business enterprises to big brands, regardless of their turnovers and order quantities. We believe this is another characteristic of our company that reflects the concept of craftsmanship. Not making distinctions allows us to navigate negotiations of various kinds and achieve very different goals without difficulty, enhancing relationships with all types of customers.”

What is the overview of the domestic market, a gap you decided to cover with a dedicated line, abroad and in Italy?

“The creation of ‘NEMO,’ our coffee grinder from the Domestic line, has allowed us to complete our range of models.

Nemo-Q – Home Coffee Grinder (photo granted)

We believe that the introduction of this product allows ‘domestic’ customers to better appreciate the value and type of coffee. It has been well-received both in Italy and abroad as an accessible and versatile product, available in various colors, including two-tone options, suitable for various kitchen designs. It’s really become a popular item.”

What about percentages for foreign sales compared to Italy?

“Currently, foreign revenue accounts for 75% of the total, while Italy accounts for 25%. There has been an increase in foreign sales compared to Italy in the last year, partly due to the growing coffee culture in foreign countries.”

What are the characteristics that today a professional barista seeks in both manual and electric coffee grinders?

“Today’s professional barista aims for simplicity while also seeking novelty.

Sirio Q, Premium Coffee Grinder (photo granted)

That’s why the focus is always on meeting the barista’s needs, aiming for a technological product that is both new and ‘smart,’ geared towards optimizing time.”

You’ve also thought about various innovative accessories for baristas, such as the automatic tamper you’ve already launched at Host. What are they, and what are their features?

“In addition to innovative coffee grinders, our strength lies in our range of accessories, designed to enhance the activities of baristas and accessible to all: Newton 250Q, launched at Host, is our automatic tamper that offers double tamping and the option to change the tamper diameter between 58mm and 53mm, following customer needs.

Q20 – automatic portafilter cleaner (photo granted)

Q20 – automatic portafilter cleaner, available in three variants (two different tube lengths or a bag version), also with an alternative brush diameter. Innovative, functional, and quiet.”

You’ll also be launching a new line of professional products soon. What can you anticipate to prepare roasters and baristas?

“The new model, currently in development with an upcoming release date, will be something unpublished, highly adaptable, and innovative both in terms of production and technology. Our idea is to make it “accessible to everyone.”

M80T – Professional Coffee Grinder (photo granted)

Where is the future of coffee grinders and Quamar’s research and development heading?

“The world of coffee grinder production is increasingly focused on detail, as well as technology and innovation. What Quamar is planning, in addition to what the market already demands, is the customization of a product based on the type of customer. Following our customers’ needs is our priority, and we believe it’s the right path to develop our projects.”


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