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Quamar: the revolution of the Kiki grinder, the most accurate ever and in micron

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MILAN – During the last Host exhibition, visitors have seen several projects and products, a sign that the coffee world is constantly changing, with a transfer of technology finally adapted to the times.

One of the most revolutionary projects was at Quamar S.r.l stand, where the prototype of a totally innovative coffee grinder has been presented, the shape remembers a missile, ready for the “Mission to Coffee”.

DVG De Vecchi

The idea of “Mission to Coffee” was born out of a joint venture between Green Innovation Partners Pty Ltd, which designed and built the prototype of the KIKI grinder and Quamar S.r.l. who has made available his ten-year know-how on coffee grinder production and co-financed the project.

KIKI is a set of: patented innovations, sophisticated technology and precision mechanics, which wants to give new impetus to those who work in the industry.

La Cimbali

KIKI’s first major innovation is micrometric grinding adjustment from 5 to 2000 μm (MICRON).

The particle size measurement should be measured using the international metric system; in the world of coffee today. This is not the case. The paper is in micron, but in reality it is measured in cubic centimeters (cc), which is quite shocking.

The micron currently does not exist in any professional grinder because they were not precise enough to declare them.

It is not enough to declare the distance between the burrs, but also, what is the precision in micron, the gap we say. From the mechanical point of view Kiki has a gap of 5 micron (a red human globule is about 8 microns).

The precision in micron of KIKI is not at the expense of the optimal curve of the dust distribution.

Accuracy and consistency over time is ensured by a tested and guaranteed mechanical system, centimeter of millimeter, which has nothing to do with the grinders on the market.The second novelty is the engine. The KIKI is equipped with a special engine, created in collaboration with one of the industry’s leading companies, compact, high efficiency and extremely low heating value.

These motors can not be described with the power in Watt because they are connected to an inverter that allows motor speed adjustment and to determine torque and peaks continuously as needed.

Thanks to the PLUG-IN 110-240V system, there will be no electrical power problems. KIKI can be installed anywhere in the world.

The third major innovation is the patented “Multy Tools” system. KIKI can have up to three modes of coffee dispensing: on-demand, grocery store and classic manual dispenser. It is no longer necessary to have several grinders because the KIKI suits the needs of the bartender.

For the first time the grinder is a capital good that maintains and increases its value over time. All functions and options can be implemented after purchase.

The fourth revolution is the precision balance, certified up to 3000 grams, with a precision up to a hundred grams, from the NMI International Certification Authority.

The operator can choose whether to use KIKI in the classic time or weight version.

The fifth innovation is the internal and external vibrations that prevent the accumulation of ground coffee and helps in the uniform compacting of the pouder in the filter holder.

This function also gives the operator maximum freedom to control the frequency and duration of vibrations before, during and after grinding.

The “Mission to Coffee” by Green Innovation and Quamar is not over: next to the Sigep will be presented the “beta” version of KIKI with: a user interface upgrade, a remote communication system, a new multiple choice hopper to have more coffee available on the same grinder … .and more! Stay tuned!

For information: – email: – Facebook: mission to coffee / Instagram: missiontocoffee

Green Innovation Partners Pty Ltd is an innovation company, based in Australia, has been entering the coffee industry for the last three years, bringing its knowledge of Automotive and Energy. – tel. +39 0423 566030 – email: –Facebook: Quamar SRL / Instagram:

Quamar S.r.l. is an attirano company, based on Treviso province (Italy), manufacturer of Coffee grinders and bar equipment.

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