Wednesday 25 May 2022

Quality Espresso publishes a video presenting Smartia, the IoT for every coffee business

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MILAN — Quality Espresso, a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of professional espresso equipment, has been active for many years in the Internet of Things – IoT – applied to coffee-serving businesses thanks to the development and increasing implementation of its Smartia system, which allows for the total and precise control of coffee machines by remote connection.

Smartia aims to improve business profitability by taking advantage of the latest technology to control all the parameters of professional espresso machines through remote connectivity.

Today, the Smartia platform handles data from thousands of connected espresso machines, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smartia is an intelligent technology platform which, through an integrated system in Gaggia, Futurmat, and Visacrem coffee machines, regularly collects information on equipment status and operation.

Smartia offers countless advantages to foodservice establishments, and Quality Espresso presents them in a visual and intuitive manner in this video.

Smartia makes it possible to monitor the coffee cycles performed on each machine and understand customer behaviour and habits. This information is useful for revenue maximisation or delivery route efficiency. It can answer questions such as: how many coffee cycles did we make today and of what type (single, double, or continuous)?

How many coffees are prepared in each time-period? Why does one location sell more coffee than others?

These indicators provided by Smartia can assist in decision-making to improve coffee business profitability.

Controlling costs is an important factor in any hospitality business.

Smartia can be used to facilitate and optimise the planning of preventive maintenance or product restocking with a view to reducing costs.

Controlling equipment water consumption, monitoring the use of the brew groups and their cleaning cycles, or receiving information on the kilos of coffee consumed are just a few examples of the metrics that contribute to reducing costs for hospitality establishments.

Smartia gives operators full control of coffee machines, from geolocation to inform where the machines are installed, to the remote monitoring of the operation, functioning and profitability of each one. Comprehensive analyses can be performed with the intuitive dashboard that allows review of key indicators from a PC or Tablet.

The Smartia platform can be factory installed on Gaggia, Futurmat, and Visacrem coffee machines, or can it be installed in the field with an upgrade kit supplied by the company. The growing trend of connectivity, along with the advantages it offers, has contributed to a threefold increase in the installation of Quality Espresso coffee machines connected to the Smartia platform in 2019, with a strong forecast for growth in 2020 and future years.

Smartia is a global platform that can be used in most geographical areas and is present in increasingly more countries. Bringing together connectivity, technology, and innovation is what enables Quality Espresso to complement its professional espresso machines with services that offer a high level of added value and help improve the profitability of coffee businesses.

Smartia, welcome to coffectivity

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