Thursday 05 October 2023

Quality Espresso launches the new Q10 Evo Grinder that improves the renowned Q10

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BARCELONA, Spain – Quality Espresso, a leading company in the espresso machine market for professional environments, has just launched the new Q10 EVO grinder, which is an upgrade and improvement on both the design and performance of the renowned Q10 grinder. The Q10 EVO grinder has a new design with a more modern image, is adaptable to any environment and has a new design of the outside and the front. It is available in 4 colours (white, grey, bronze and black), the hopper lid is now easier to open and the coffee grinding adjustment knob has been redesigned.

It also features an intuitive, customisable 3.5″ LCD capacitive touch screen that allows you to add custom images via the USB port, as well as set parameters for the perfect grind, programmable in up to 12 languages and also allows you to update the software.

This is the fastest grinder on the market, which grinds instantly, both for one and two doses, offering three working modes: pre-grinding (ideal for high work flows), instant grinding and manual dose with 64 mm high-performance steel grinding discs to obtain a precise adjustment of the grinding point (0.002 mm).

And thanks to the new DCS (Dose Consistency System) for dosing ground coffee, we can improve the regularity, consistency and accuracy of each dose of coffee.

State-of-the-art technology and new electronics with advanced features make the Q10 EVO a unique grinder on the market. The grinder incorporates new state-of-the-art electronics with a 4-sided circuit and is Bluetooth ready. The new Espresso Link app collects information from the grinder via an optional Bluetooth system, giving full control over the performance of the grinder. A unique innovation on the market that Quality Espresso offers with its new Q10 EVO grinder.

In recent months we have seen how Quality Espresso has released new machine models to offer the best espresso, adapting to the needs of any hospitality and professional catering environment. Growing customer demand for quality coffee has prompted the company to launch the new Q10 EVO grinder with state-of-the-art technology and a modern design.

Having its own R&D&i department allows Quality Espresso to identify the needs of the professional espresso machine market and launch both machines and accessories such as QSTEAM with the aim of improving performance and service in coffee businesses.

These launches reassert Quality Espresso as a leader in the professional espresso machine market. Quality Espresso is a company with over 65 years of history that combines tradition and innovation, and it is present in more than 90 countries.

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