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Quality Espresso is launching the new Espresso Link app

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BARCELONA, Spain – Just one year after having launched the Q10 Evo grinder, Quality Espresso presents the new Espresso Link app, available for Android and iOS, which offers control of the Q10 Evo grinder from the palm of your hand, improving its performance and monitoring its profitability.

The new Espresso Link app gathers information from the Q10 Evo elink grinder, which already incorporates a Bluetooth connection, and automatically synchronises with a web portal from which all data of the grinders installed in each establishment can be analysed. It is a unique innovation on the market that only Quality Espresso offers with its new Q10 Evo grinder.

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In this way, the application gathers data from grinders and measures the number of coffees made. Thanks to this information, consumption can be estimated to effectively and precisely cover coffee needs. Furthermore, the Espresso Link app contributes to extending the lifespan of the grinder by keeping up to date with cleaning, maintenance and grinding disc change schedules, through its automatic notification system.

The data collected from each grinder can be analysed in a very easy and intuitive way, allowing operating grinders to be assigned to each establishment, remote measurement of the number of coffees made by each grinder, recording the kg of coffee consumed, notifications of cleaning processes through alerts, scheduling of dates to carry out maintenance and grinding disc change actions, as well as monitoring the location and proper operation of all grinders from the web portal of the app.


The new Espresso Link app has elevated the Q10 Evo grinder to another level

Providing digitisation and the most advanced technology for controlling the coffee business from the palm of your hand.

It is an innovation, created from the RD&I department of Quality Espresso, which offers digital tools which help establishments to carry out sensible and responsible consumption of resources, both in terms of coffee consumption and maintenance of grinders to extend their lifespan.

Notable in addition to this is the importance that the company places on sustainability, seeking to make the components of its espresso machines and its grinders recyclable and oriented toward the circular economy, in order to reduce both raw material consumption and waste production. Energy efficiency is also applied in the design and manufacture of the devices, achieving greater energy savings.

About Evoca Group

Evoca Group is a world-leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines and a major international player in both the Ho.Re.Ca. and OCS sectors. The company markets its products through several brands (Necta, Wittenborg, Saeco, Gaggia, Ducale, SGL, Newis, Cafection, Visacrem and Futurmat), each with its individual identity and which are at the same time highly synergistic to its mission.

Today Evoca has over 10,000 customers in more than 140 countries around the world, 2,000 employees and revenues of over €450 million. Headquartered in Italy (Valbrembo – Bergamo), Evoca has a global presence with nine production sites, six R&D centers and over 600 registered patents. In Spain, Evoca Group is the owner of Quality Espresso, the Iberian market leader in the production and sale of traditional coffee machines and grinders; Saeco, a company focused on the out-of-home sector that can provide top solutions for Office, Ho.Re.Ca. and Automatic Vending venues; and Necta, a leading firm in the vending machine sector.

About Quality Espresso

Quality Espresso is the owner of the Futurmat, Mairali, Italcrem and Visacrem brands and the joint owner of the Gaggia brand along with Gaggia, SpA. It is the largest manufacturer of professional espresso machines in Spain and one of the industry leaders worldwide. Founded in 1952, the company has 120 employees and exports to 90 different countries from its 17000 sq. meter factory in Barcelona.

Quality Espresso Barcelona manufactures all its machines following a traditional method that produces a professional, adaptable, innovative and high-quality product.


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