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Purdys Chocolatier launches new vegan chocolates to cater to an evolving market

Purdys Chocolatier

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada – In celebration of International Chocolate Day, Purdys Chocolatier is introducing a brand new line of vegan chocolate bars, with the mission of helping vegans and those with dietary preferences, create connections and joy through the power of chocolate. These new vegan bars include Vegan Mylk Chocolate, Vegan Mylk Trail Mix, and Vegan Dark Trail Mix, to add to the already existing and very popular Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar.

Rachel McKinley, Purdys Master Chocolatier, is the mastermind behind this new line of vegan bars. “These vegan chocolates are very special as they mark the first ever vegan line of chocolate at Purdys,” says McKinley. “When I started thinking about how to create these vegan chocolates, I had to first consider which dairy-free alternatives can measure up to our customers’ favourite non-vegan Purdys chocolates, and the standards they have come to expect from us. The result is a line of delicious vegan chocolates that can be enjoyed by everyone, including those who still consume dairy products.”

Purdys recognizes that their customers’ dietary preferences and needs continue to evolve over time. Customers are choosing dairy-free options and are on the lookout for products that not only taste good, but provide them with an experience they can feel good about. Purdys purpose is to continue evolving as their customers do by offering different types of chocolates that will meet their needs. Vegan chocolates are a part of that evolution.

“Our customers have expressed the need for more options that suit their personal preferences and needs,” says Kriston Dean, VP Sales & Marketing. “As Canada’s chocolatier, we want to make chocolates for everyone to enjoy including customers looking for plant based options. This is just the beginning!”

This new line of vegan chocolate bars will be available online and in-stores as of September 13th, 2021.

To learn more about their new line of vegan chocolates, visit the website at www.purdys.com.