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Prime Minister dissolves the Tanzania Coffee Development Trust Fund

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa last week dissolved the Tanzania Coffee Development Trust Fund (TCDF), saying it was not legally established. He ordered the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) to investigate the trust fund since its formation.

The Premier gave the directives in Dodoma when he met coffee stakeholders to discuss the development of the country’s cash crop. He said the fund was established by some coffee stakeholders in collaboration with Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB).

“While the government is striving to reduce unnecessary deductions from farmers, there is a body that is swindling farmers’ income. This is not acceptable,” the PM said.

Mr Majaliwa ordered the closure of the CDTF offices to pave way for the CAG to carry out a thorough investigation, adding that the fund’s activities will be placed under TCB.

He explained that CDTF’s responsibilities, including monitoring the development of the commercial crop, are the same as those of TCB, saying there’s no need to have two bodies doing the same works.

Meanwhile, the Premier banned traders who roam the villages, buying coffee, insisting that the cash crop will only be sold through auctions.