Wednesday 30 November 2022

Pooki’s Mahi launches Referral Program for 100% Kona coffee subscribers

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SAN FRANCISCO, U.S. — Silicon Valley startup Pooki’s Mahi announced today it improved and launched Refer-A-Friend Referral Program giving existing customers additional savings to save more on expensive 100% Kona coffee.

Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller explains, “Pooki’s Mahi Refer-A-Friend launched as a pilot program in 2017 to obtain feedback from existing customers throughout 2018 and to improve existing coffee subscriptions platform in 2019. I’m not interested in allocating budget to marketing activities that do not convert immediately into a long-term customer. Per Pooki’s Mahi online policies the company does not chase untested sales channels, send aggressive marketing emails, ship complimentary Kona coffee or use firms that did not pass rigorous vendor assessment. Engaging in egregious behavior such as aggressive email drip campaigns results in irreparable harm to Pooki’s Mahi tarnishes the luxury brand and inferior customer experiences. For example, how Pooki’s Mahi customer team responds to support requests is directly related to how customers treat Pooki’s Mahi.”

The Silicon Valley technology executive continues, “I’m interested in growing Pooki’s Mahi brand by making existing subscribers feel special. Pooki’s Mahi existing customer base is growing as a result of providing repeat coffee subscribers, and wholesale coffee club members with opportunities to save, consistent fulfillment, shorter shipping times for packages to arrive, and access to new product launches. I spent the last year analyzing Pooki’s Mahi customer data, managing support requests, and landing substantial customer accounts. I can tell if a customer is a fit for Pooki’s Mahi Kona coffee capsules or tea pods based on the language used.”

The Silicon Valley food and beverage brand grew customer base and sales through referrals from existing customers on social media, existing network and word of mouth. Pooki’s Mahi® does not invest in advertising that will not convert immediately into long term sales. Examples of advertising Pooki’s Mahi avoid include but not limited to print ads, affiliate marketing, and advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Pooki’s Mahi uses profile of existing customers to entice new coffee subscribers to purchase luxury 100% Kona coffee pods or capsules.

Kona coffee subscribers buy Pooki’s Mahi Kona coffee pods either as a one-time purchase or monthly subscription. Customers are automatically subscribed to Pooki’s Mahi referral program. Coffee subscribers will receive an email with a link to the discount code; coffee subscribers forward emails to friends and colleagues. Customer earns a discount when a colleague makes a purchase.

Participating in Pooki’s Mahi Refer-A-Friend program is optional and not mandatory. Customers need to purchase a coffee subscription to earn five percent off at the next coffee subscription renewal. Existing coffee subscribers can refer an infinite number of friends. Wholesale Coffee Club members and VIP Reseller Distributors are not eligible to participate in the program. Pooki’s Mahi referral program applies to purchases made directly on Discount rewards cannot be converted into cash. Invitations to the Refer-A-Friend program are automatically sent to previous customers, active newsletter subscribers, and any individual or firm violating Pooki’s Mahi online policies.

The Silicon Valley-based food and beverage brand have grown without a loan or venture funding. Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO takes a high tech approach in developing and launching new product launches. The technology executive continues to build and improve architecture to support existing e-commerce platforms.

The Silicon Valley startup is focused on manufacturing expensive 100% single origin specialty coffee under its Kona KaKao™, Kafpresso, and Kona Kafpresso brands; as well as Matcha Matcha Man® tea pods.

For use in 1.0 and 2.0 single serve coffee makers. Pooki’s Mahi®, Matcha Matcha Man® has registered trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi. The PMO Practice™, Kona KaKao™, Koffee KaKao KaKao™, Kona Kafpresso™, and Kafpresso™ are trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi. New Product Launch Introductions, Go To Market Planning, and supply chain frameworks are protected under VA 1-924-170.

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