Thursday 30 June 2022

Pooki’s Mahi of Kona Coffee K cups confirms 2017 company roadmap

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SILICON VALLEY, CA U.S. – San Francisco’s 2016 Business Hall of Fame winner Pooki’s Mahi, a k cup manufacturer of custom and private label Kona coffee k cups announced today it confirmed 2017 product roadmap.

Pooki’s Mahi’s approved roadmap ensures the company is focused, execute and deliver consistently.

Silicon Valley startup Pooki’s Mahi set a very high bar as a company, the executive team and approved suppliers and vendors in the supply chain.

Executives reviews progress against metrics monthly, quarterly and yearly to check the health of the company.

The roadmap process begins mid-year with ideas for technology, digital marketing and Kona coffee single serves and Keurig teas products reviewed holistically against the single serve product portfolio.

A comprehensive roadmap with metrics driven goals is approved late in the year. Pooki’s Mahi outsources entire functions to approved partners. Pooki’s Mahi holds suppliers and vendors responsible for the outsourced function accountable.

If a function, supplier or vendors do not perform within a given time frame against the target metrics like marketing services or tea suppliers, then pivot and divert investments into areas that are performing. Pooki’s Mahi removes under performing suppliers and vendors quickly.

“Comprehensive roadmap planning is a common practice widely used by product, manufacturing and supply chain organizations in high tech corporations headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Pooki’s Mahi is a startup operating like a functional organization or mini-business unit inside a technology corporation with metrics driven goals, outsourcing entire functions to partners and holding each functional area accountable.

Customer and supplier feedback are incorporated into portfolio planning before starting discussions on the future roadmap,” says Les Magsalay-Zeller, Founder/CEO of Pooki’s Mahi.

The Silicon Valley high tech executive continues, “Pooki’s Mahi’s roadmap planning is centered on themes and involves several core functional areas: manufacturing, technology platform and infrastructure, digital marketing, customer success and product development with suppliers.

Pooki’s Mahi leaves some room in the roadmap planning to account for emergency requests from existing customers. Pooki’s Mahi always over achieves and beats roadmap goals set in the previous year.

Pooki’s Mahi has two big areas to execute in 2017: technology platform and digital marketing architecture.”

What Pooki’s Mahi’s Kona coffee k cups customers can expect in 2017:

  • New tea supplier for blending proprietary blends for Keurig teas
  • 12+ unique Keurig tea k cups flavors for several tea families
  • Additional 100% Kona coffee k cups
  • 100% Kona coffee single serves for food service and corporate kitchens
  • Membership club for repeat customers, brand influencers like celebrities to provide feedback to upcoming new product launches.
  • Expanded Kona k cups and tea single serve offerings for private label customers.
  • Improved technology platform integrated with larger online retailers and private label customers.
  • Shortened lead times for custom k cups and private label k cups orders.

Pooki’s Mahi regularly measures suppliers monthly, quarterly and yearly to ensure firms consistently perform to Pooki’s Mahi’s high bar.

Pooki’s Mahi spent over two years gathering feedback from existing customers and approved suppliers in its own supply chain. Pooki’s Mahi terminates suppliers that perform poorly or run negative campaigns through product reviews, blogging or affiliate marketing.

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