Saturday 13 April 2024
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PluriAgtech uses 3D technology platform to create cell-based coffee

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HAIFA, Israel – Leading biotechnology company Pluri Inc. has announced the launch of two new business verticals, PluriAgtech and PluriCDMO, aimed at leveraging its cell-based technology in agriculture and providing contract development and manufacturing services, respectively.

PluriAgtech introduced a cell-based coffee product in January 2024, positioning itself as a sustainable alternative in the $130 billion coffee industry.

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The company claims this method uses 98% less water than traditional coffee production and could significantly reduce the required growing area, potentially preventing deforestation.

“Leveraging our proprietary 3D technology platform, our new vertical PluriAgtech can create high-quality cell-based coffee with 98% less water than traditional coffee production” said the company’s CEO and President, Yaky Yanay.

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“We also estimate that our innovative new production process will reduce the amount of growing area by 95%, potentially preventing deforestation.

We are receiving a lot of interest from partners and strategics around this unique project, that can potentially transform and solve some main challenges of the industry.

Our goal is to build our cell-based coffee business as a new subsidiary focused on the coffee industry and we are working to secure sufficient funding to support the development process, scaleup and regulatory phase.”

The newly established PluriCDMO division, also launched in January, targets the $5.2 billion cell and gene therapy sector. It offers biotech companies services from its Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility, utilizing proprietary 3D cell-expansion technology. This division has already started generating revenue, with several agreements under negotiation.

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