Friday 19 August 2022

PlantX announces expansion of its Little West cold-pressed juice brand and e-commerce platform to Canada

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VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – PlantX Life Inc. the digital face of the plant-based community, operating a one-stop shop for plant-based products, today announced the international expansion of its Little West cold-pressed juice brand and e-commerce platform to Canada. As part of the expansion, Little West has launched a Canadian version of its e-commerce website ( and plans to expand its wholesale business into physical retail outlets across the country.

Acquired by PlantX in May 2021, Little West is a California-based cold-pressed juice company that offers a wide range of beverages and products that emphasize health and wellness with a focus on locally sourced, high-quality, and fresh ingredients.

Little West is the realized vision of Cassandra Troy and Andrew Walker, who launched the business in 2013 with the aim of inspiring healthier lifestyles for all and making the world a greener place. Since being acquired by PlantX, Little West has added new products and consumer-friendly bundles.

“We have seen amazing success with our website, and since the founders of Little West are Canadian and so is PlantX, it was only natural for us to bring these amazing juices to Canada,” said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin. “We expect to work with local influencers to bring increased awareness and we will leverage the success we achieved in the United States to build the brand throughout North America.”

The Little West Canadian e-commerce website features merchandise and different flavors of juice, available in kits and cleanses. Consumers can create one-time boxes of different quantities of juices or arrange regular deliveries to facilitate a healthy, delicious lifestyle.

In addition to the Canadian e-commerce website, Little West Juices are available in retail locations in the United States, including Whole Foods and Pavilions.

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