Wednesday 22 May 2024
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Pink goes around the world! New partnership between BWT & Sebastian Vettel

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MONDSEE, Austria – Following the announcement of the continuing collaboration between BWT and Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team, we are particularly pleased to announce BWT’s new partnership with the four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel. In this season Sebastian will set another highlight in the Formula 1 world with a new pink BWT helmet design.

“With Sebastian we were able to find the ideal ambassador who perfectly represents our mission – to make the world a little bit better, sip by sip. Sebastian is not only an outstanding athlete, but above all a great person with principles, a clear opinion and civil courage. Together with him we are going to make a lasting contribution to the preservation of our planet.”, so CMO Lutz Hübner.

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From colour to history

The awareness of the BWT brand has increased enormously as a result of the company’s consistent sports sponsorship strategy and the accompanying eye-catching PINK colour. Due to the strong brand presence the company is very positively anchored in people’s minds. As the next logical step, BWT now wants to tell the story behind the three letters and convey their values. The declared goal is to make healthy, tasty drinking water straight from the tap available all over the world.

With patented BWT technologies it is possible to filter local water and enrich it with valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc and silicon at the same time. The goal behind the message “Change the world, sip by sip”, which will be carried out into the world together with Sebastian, is to reduce unnecessary transport of water bottles and thus the worldwide emission of CO2 and at the same time to enormously reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles to a minimum.


“The future is important and we must do our best to protect the planet for children and young people. We all share this responsibility and if we come together we can make a difference. As a Formula 1 driver, I think it’s right to speak up on this subject and have my voice heard. I am pleased to have found a partner in BWT that shares the same perspective and goals. By cutting down the amount of plastic waste, we can make the world a little better, sip by sip.” Sebastian Vettel needs no convincing of his new partner.

As a first step BWT and Sebastian Vettel will convert selected kindergarten and schools in the region into so-called “BWT Bottle Free Zones” within the first few months of the cooperation. This enables thousands of children to enjoy healthy and sustainable drinking water. This is only the beginning of a great partnership, which will have many positive surprises to come.

BWT VettelBWT ’s clear vision: The worldwide breakthrough of the hydrogen fuel cell as an energy converter

The clear vision of BWT’s founder Andreas Weißenbacher is to promote the hydrogen fuel cell as an energy converter and transport it to become a worldwide breakthrough. “F1 is the perfect platform to take this vision and message out into the world. It is absolutely not our intention to produce CO2 emissions via burning as much fossil fuels as possible in the shortest possible time – we want to further develop the hydrogen fuel cell via F1 and its research and development. We have been investing in this development for over 27 years and have created an epicenter for the revolution and breakthrough of the hydrogen fuel cell in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Our goal is clear: we want to get hydrogen-powered vehicles into the fast lane”, says CEO Andreas Weißenbacher.


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