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Peet’s Coffee welcomes the new year with a beverage gold rush

EMERYVILLE, Calif., U.S. – Peet’s Coffee announced a 2018 winter lineup influenced by turmeric, a flavorful and fragrant spice praised for its reputed health benefits.

Each bright beverage within the line—Golden Caffẻ Latte, Golden Chai Latte, and Golden Cappuccino—blends the signature spice with other rich ingredients, from the warmth of ginger to the light sweetness of honey.


“After an indulgent holiday season, our wellness-centric and coffee forward Golden Caffẻ Latte, Golden Chai Latte, and Golden Cappuccino are the perfect way to kick off 2018,” said Dave Burwick, CEO and President, Peet’s Coffee.

“Their simple, flavorful spices also honor our founder, Alfred Peet, who originally sold such ingredients in our first coffeebar on Vine & Walnut when it opened in 1966 and was known as ‘Peet’s Coffee, Tea, and Spices.'”

“We are thrilled to introduce to our menu a spice with such a storied tradition in South Asia before gaining popularity across the world,” said Patrick Main, Senior R&D Manager, Peet’s Coffee. “We cannot wait to showcase to fans how turmeric complements our coffee first attitude with a tasty aromatic filled punch.”

Peet’s is also proud to continue its history of using real ingredients for added flavor and visual effect, building on menu expansions like coconut milk in 2017, which followed on the success of a whipped coconut cream topping that the craft company launched in 2016. As with all Peet’s beverages, Peetniks are encouraged to mix it up with coconut or almond milk