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Pauline Bag releases patent-pending upside-down T-shape coffee carrier

LOS ANGELES, U.S. — Pauline Bag, a cup carrier company, has introduced its exclusive patents apply and pending cup holder to the public.  The one of a kind design makes carrying coffee or soda easy.

The users are able to carry drinks without direct contact with the hot or cold cups, eliminating the need to carry the cup with two hands, or hold the cup by the rim.

Pauline Bag’s CFO Michelle Lee said, “This is a game changer to the fast food industry, as people want a fast, fun, and convenient way to carry their drinks. Best of all, it takes up minimum storage space for both the restaurants and the consumers.  The bag folds away, and can fit into a purse or a pocket.”

Pauline Bag, a Revolutionary Cup Carrier and Drink Holder, Unique Upside Down T-shape Design, Carry Your Favorite Hot Drink or Ice Cold Beverage with Ease, Patents Apply and Pending.

Pauline Bag holds each drink individually.  Simply slide the cup into the opening, pull up the handle, and the carrier is ready to go.  Multiple cups can be handled at the same time, whether there are two, three, four, or five cups. Pauline Bag is a perfect companion for takeout drinks.