Saturday 13 April 2024
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Paulig to make a €42M investment in snacking production in Spain

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HELSINKI, Finland – Paulig, a leading coffee company in the Nordic countries, aims to strengthen its position in the Tex Mex and Snacking categories in Europe with a 42 million EUR investment into new savoury snacks production facility in Spain. Paulig expects to start building the factory in 2025 and production to commence in 2026.

“This investment marks an important step in the execution of our international growth strategy. It will further strengthen our position in the Tex Mex and snacking categories in Europe after the acquisition of the snacking company Liven in Spain in 2022. It will also increase the company’s innovation capabilities in these categories”, says Rolf Ladau, CEO of Paulig.

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“Snacking is currently one of the fastest growing categories within the food sector. We are firmly committed to accelerating profitable growth in this category over the long term, in collaboration with our trade partners. Our snacks are made from sustainable raw materials that enable the inclusion of vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, and vegetable oils, continues Rolf Ladau.

Paulig operates in 13 countries and has production facilities in six countries including Finland, Sweden, Estonia, UK, Spain and Belgium. Paulig´s snacks factories are located in Spain and Belgium.

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“We are planning to inaugurate our new factory during 2026. We want to be a trusted partner for our customers, and with the new facility, we are dedicated to maintaining a steady supply of innovative snacks to meet growing demand in the future.

We want to offer our customers high-quality products that are made in a sustainable and efficient way. Furthermore, we currently employ approximately 340 people in Spain and anticipate hiring many more in the years ahead”, says Thomas Panteli, SVP Supply Chain and Sourcing.

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