Wednesday 29 June 2022

Online Haitian Coffee Store Kafe Pa Nou releases new App

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Haitian Coffee Store, Kafe Pa Nou, unveiled a new app which allows users to shop the Kafe Pa Nou online store and get special offers and notifications from The shop is also offering new subscriptions on their coffee varieties, such as the Rebo and Selecto collections.

Subscribers can save 15% and opt for delivery every 15 days or 30 days to have delicious, fresh Haitian coffee beans delivered right to your door!

Kafe Pa Nou has been in business for two years and they have served over 800 customers. In 2013, founder Fabien Dodard decided that his native coffee was a special strain that would appeal to a wide audience.

He wanted to come up with a simple and economical way for consumers to purchase this coffee – and thus the idea of the online store came into being.

He then enlisted his friend Jean Rene Faustin and his brother Jean Sebastien Dodard to help and was born.

The company is interested in introducing more people to Haitian coffee and continuing to support the Haitian farmer and Haitian economy by doing so.

All of their coffee is classified as Direct Trade – a process in which the roaster works directly with the farmer to increase the value and quality of the coffee. This process helps to ensure that the coffee is higher quality than even Fair Trade!

The Kafe Pa Nou app is available in both iOS and Android versions. “We are excited to now make it even simpler for our customers to order high-quality coffee via our easy-to-use app and to set up subscriptions for both savings and added convenience,” company founder, Faustin, says. “We want to bring this quality of coffee to people no matter where they live.”

The new app means that Kafe Pa Nou is entering into the world of mobile, where they can reach a wider audience and spread the word about their delicious and super affordable coffee collections. They also continue to stay focused on their commitment to supporting the Haitian economy and encouraging environmental sustainability and community development.

Learn more about Kafe Pa Nou by visiting their website

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