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One cup wonder: a quick guide on how to reuse old coffee grounds

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MILAN – DYour cup of joe can do more than perk you up in the morning. From exfoliating your face to removing dirt from tiles, used coffee grounds are useful in more ways than one. Here is a quick guide on how to reuse old coffee grounds from Frances Bloomfield of Natural News.

For your skin and body:

  • Easy Exfoliant – Combine used coffee grounds with equal parts all-natural oil (we recommend using either olive oil or coconut oil) to create an affordable exfoliant.
  • Under-Eye Puffiness Remover – If you’ve got a bad case of under-eye puffiness then coffee grounds can take care of that. Mix the grounds with water and then smear the paste under your eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse.
  • Cellulite Combatant – More than just removing puffiness, coffee grounds can also be used on cellulite. Rub a mixture of warm water or coconut oil and grounds onto the affected areas and then rinse. Do this everyday for two to four weeks.
  • Hair Care – Massage a handful of used coffee grounds into your hair to remove product build-up. The grounds will remove residue without harming your hair.

For your home:

  • Bye Bye Dirt – Coffee grounds mixed with soapy water is an inexpensive way to clear away dirt from tiles, pans, grills and kitchen counters.
  • Furniture Fixer – Scratches on your furniture? Make a blend of grounds with ¼-cup vinegar and ¼-cup warm water and then set aside for an hour. Use a rag or cotton bud to rub the paste onto the scratched surface.
  • Banish Bad Smell – Place a container of used grounds in the back of your refrigerator to get rid of those awful odors. You can also rub grounds on your hands after chopping onions to neutralize the smell.
  • Add Some Flavor – Give your brownies that extra punch by replacing milk with used coffee grounds. They also give meat an added dash of flavor when used as tenderizer or seasoning.
  • Pet Protector – If your dog or cat has fleas, then a coffee ground rub after rinsing off their shampoo will take care of the pests in their fur.

For your garden:

  • Compost and Fertilizer – Used coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, making them ideal for composting and fertilizing. Add one-part old brewed grounds—they need time to break down, so fresh grounds won’t do—to a compost pile of one-part grass clippings and one-part leaves. You can also combine the grounds to the soil of acid-loving plants like tomatoes and roses.
  • Pest Prevention – Used coffee grounds are a great alternative to keep your garden safe. Sprinkle grounds around your plants to protect them from slugs, ants, and snails.
  • Color Changer – You can alter the color of your hydrangeas with coffee grounds. Adding grounds into the plant soil lowers the pH level and produces hydrangeas with a brighter blue hue.
  • Carrot Power – Before sowing carrot seeds, mix them with old, used coffee grounds. Not only will your carrots come out bigger and better, but they’ll be easier to sow.

For your hobbies:

  • Simple Sepia – If you like to paint, then mixing coffee grounds with water makes it easier to create sepia-toned paintings.
  • New Old Wood – Place one steel wool pad and one tablespoon of coffee grounds in a jar and then fill it up with white vinegar. Set the jar aside for a day and then remove the steel wool while wearing gloves. Rub the wool over wood, wait for it to dry and then repeat to give your wood a silvery glaze.

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