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October 16-20: Caffè Corsini at Sial Fair in Paris

Caffè Corsini at Sial fair will be showcasing all the new products, from the DolceGusto compatible capsule to the Kenya-dedicated line to protect the lions in Africa

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Caffè Corsini, leading company in the food & beverage market area, will be present at the Sial fair in Paris (October 16-20) with a booth located in hall 5B, ML013, where it will be possible to taste its entire line, along with the new poducts.

Besides all of this, at the booth, there will be 33 products that contain the aromas and the cultures of different land, from Colombia to Brazil, from Jamaica to Kenya, India, El Salvador and many more, all of which are extractible through different methods (not only espresso), among single origin coffee, blends, grand cru, flavored infusions and the newborn wellness line, with relaxing and depurative infusions.

DVG De Vecchi

Among the many novelties, in the Nespresso compatible capsule line, the “Grand Cru” tubes will be available with the latest arrivals: Mapanga a rich and fruity coffee coming from a single plantation in the souteast african state of Malawi and Gayo, a pure arabica coffee, spicy and with a full body that comes from biological agricolture of a Fairtrade single plantation located in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Generally speaking, the format of the whole line has been renewed, with 10 selfprotected capsules which, not being individually packaged, like in the past, not only do they present themselves in a more captivating way, but also allow for less paper consumption, for a bigger respect toward the environment.

La Cimbali

Moreover, the Dolcegusto compatible capsules will also be available: the intense Gran Riserva, the Gran Riserva Arabica, the Gran Riserva decaf, cappuccino, chocolate and the Cortado macchiato coffee as well.

The booth, created by architects Marco and Luca Baldini from studio Q-bic, will look like a Savannah, with a watch tower completely made of wood that will be placed in the middle of a cane field. Caffè Corsini is actually committed in the “I love lions” campaign to raise awareness on the conditions of the lion in Africa, whose presence declined by 80% , from 200 thousand to 30 thousand, in 40 years, due to to legal and illegal hunting and the anthropization of the territories, confining the animals from the entire continent to only specific areas.

The project is linked to the short movie “The last call”, directed by documentarist Brando Quilici, written by author Marco Vichi, with the voice over of Giorgio Panariello, that will be shown on selected screens at the fair. The movie, promoted by the tuscan roastery, is produced by florentine agency Aria Adv, with the patronage of National Geographic Italia in collaboraton with La Marzocco.

The campaign is also connected to a fundraising operation destined to Wildlifedirect, a non governmental organization committed in the protection of the wildlife patrimony. (http://

It’s also possible to contribute to this right cause by buying products of the “Kenya” line of Caffè Corsini: for this reason, the packaging of the line (from capsules to milled coffee and the beans) has been completely redone and has a lion has its image.

kenya sial
special packaging

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*Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® brands are not property of Corsino Corsini SpA nor of companies connected to him.

The roastery, funded in Arezzo in 1950, directed by Patrick Hoffer, is present in over 60 countries in the world, with more than 4500 tons of roasted coffee every year; it’s on the market with a wide selection of products aimed at the mass market, at the BAR channel, HO.RE.CA., OCS and VENDING (this last one has and exclusive line of dedicated products). From the Caffè Corsini line to the Compagnia dell’Arabica, to the new Dita Artigianale brand, which proposes specialty coffee freshly roasted and selected by micro-roasteries, the products cover 360 degrees every potential consumption request. Among the products, milled coffee, coffee in beans, pods, american coffee, barley, coffees coming from biological agricultures, as well as ginseng and the tea line.

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