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Nuova Simonelli will host a new Q Arabica Grader course in September

In September Nuova Simonelli will host a new Q Arabica Grader course. A Q Arabica Grader is a highly trained and calibrated coffee taster who evaluates coffee using SCAA cupping standards and protocols.

The course is open only to professionals in the world of coffee, such as baristas, roasters and producers, who already have advanced knowledge of the second most traded commodity in the world, after oil.

To participate in the Q-grader, requests have come from around the world, but there are still free places.

There is time until July 30th to sign up emailing academy@simonelligroup.it.

Roukiat DELRUE will be the exceptional teacher for a time of increasing knowledge and getting together that is attracting professionals from all over the world In addition to the excellence of the facilities and teachers, for professionals who participate, the value of Q-grader is the chance to exchange ideas and experience.

Nuova Simonelli has decided to invest in this, looking to grow the community and ensure greater quality for its partners and for coffee lovers around the world.

About the Course

This course consists of two complementary concepts: the first is a 3-day theory of all activities, which is followed up by a 3-day series of exams regarding the material presented.

There are a total of 20 different exams taken during the course. The purpose of the exams is to evaluate the cuppers in their overall cupping skills.

The course includes various activities to test the cuppers’ skills in evaluating a coffee in a traditional cupping format, olfactory senses, green coffee grading, acid identification, basic cupping skill evaluations, sensory skills tests, and roasted coffee tests.

Upon completion of the course, and with passing grades, the students may receive a Q Grader certificate, valid for 36 months.

The Q Arabica Grader Training and Exams 6-day course is rigorous and consequently some students find it difficult to pass all exam portions the first time through.

The final day will allow participants to retake certain tests as needed in hopes of completing the certification.