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NUOVA SIMONELLI – Tomorrow’s coffee is in Espresso Ideas today

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The new issue of Espresso Ideas, the magazine that Nuova Simonelli is publishing in December 2014, will offer a glimpse into the future of the coffee shop and specialty coffee with articles on ‘revolutionary’ innovations in technology, design and product.

This includes the future official coffee machine for the WBC, the VA388 Black Eagle, the first to have, in addition to the T3 system, gravimetric technology.

There is also the Mythos One “on demand” grinder with ‘Clima-Pro’ technology. These products open new horizons in the world of espresso quality and are the ‘flagships’ of research and innovation from Nuova Simonelli, that continues to gain sustenance from its roots and the history of coffee.

The magazine includes themes that take us back to give us a glimpse of new trends, new lifestyles. For the first time there is an article about our US subsidiary Nuova Distribution USA.

Next to it is an interview with the young World Barista ChampionHidenori Izaki, who, with his talent and his professionalism, represents the road our sector is walking. To understand the relationship between past, present and future in the world of communication there are two interesting articles: one on the old billboards and the other on modern social networks.

There is also the interesting case-history of Harley Davidson, a brand that is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, as well as how new designers look to the past and another on the historic locale, ‘Pedrocchi’ of Padua, whose interior has been renovated with the contribution of Nuova Simonelli technology, while continuing to revive the atmosphere of yesteryear every day.

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