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EXPO -1 # TRIESTESPRESSO EXPO/13 – Nuova Simonelli, technologies at Trieste

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI (Italy) – The history of Nuova Simonelli is built on a continuous search in the field of espresso coffee machines and the company continuously makes the most innovative technology for coffee available to baristas around the world. On October 23-25 Triestespresso fair visitors (hall 27 stand 1) can taste the fruit of the Nuova Simonelli latest scientific studies such as the Easy Cream Technology that grant to create dense and creamy cappuccinos like the champions of latte art.

The secret lies in an innovative nozzle with “tangential holes” developed and patented by the Nuova Simonelli team. The steam nozzle is structured with a steam-air mixing system that allows milk to be heated and frothed to individual preference, more dense or more liquid, hotter or cooler, it makes no difference. Everything is possible, just put the nozzle in the milk and press the button.

“Easy Cream Technology” exactly reproduces the gestures of a good barista. In a first phase balancing the injection of steam and air then, when the milk has reached an intermediate temperature, which is programmable, it stops the flow of air, leaving only steam, until reaching the optimum temperature.

The new end of the nozzle with tangential holes at different angles imparts a swirling motion to harmonise consistency in the liquid. The result is truly amazing.

The application of Easy Cream patented by Nuova Simonelli is available in the Aurelia II Digit (for both nozzles) and the Talento.

At Triestespresso Nuova Simonelli will present two new grinders: Mythos One and MDX On Demand.
Mythos One, the first on-demand grinder from Nuova Simonelli, is destined to become an indispensable practical tool for espresso professionals and locales with high sales volumes, for coffee corners, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants.

Introducing the new “Clima Pro”, Mythos One transforms legend into reality. It once seemed impossible to expect consistant doses from a grinder. Well, for Mythos One, what seemed impossible is now the norm.
In Mythos One ‘On Demand’ the innovative intelligent management of milling chamber temperature ensures a constant dose and therefore a better quality of espresso extraction.

But the news does not stop with the introduction of Clima Pro Technology. The new model pays increased attention to the ergonomic aspect and the barista’s job as well as to the quality of the dose that goes into the coffee machine filter. These two aspects are ensured by the introduction of many technical details that help make the Mythos One the “top” grinder.

One is a new system for attaching the filter holder so the barista does not have to hold it with their hand during the filling phase . The other is the innovative ‘Clump Crusher’, which ensures maximum regularity of the output stream of any coffee blend.

MDX on demand. Even locales without particularly high hourly demand can now improve the quality of their espresso by freshly grinding coffee. The Nuova Simonelli MDX grinder is a product for locales with average hourly productivity that can now add “On Demand” to instantly grind doses, both for single filter and double filter.

Easy to use, intuitive to program and as reliable as the already widely used MDX, the new “on demand” model, with a fully aluminum body, has a number of electronic functions to simultaneously adjust the dose, to preset two different doses and to have a “continuous” function. Everything can be checked on the graphic display by stating the parameters.

A new filter holder system means the barista does not have to hold it during the filling phase, so the coffee can be checked at any time helped by a dedicated light. The grinder workload can be constantly monitored through a double counter. The first part can be reset and counts the number of shots for each dose. The second is fixed and counts the seconds the grinder has been in operation.

“MDX on demand” has a vertical ventilation system in the milling chamber, 65mm burrs and fine adjustment for grinding.