Friday 14 June 2024
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NUOVA SIMONELLI – In Rimini to discover the Aurelia II with “Easy Cream”

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BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy – Nuova Simonelli will be at the World of Coffee in Rimini, from 10 to 12 June with its own coffee machine, the Aurelia II Competition, supporting baristas in the competition for the World Championship.

Also at their exhibition space in Hall A7C7, stand 064 Nuova Simonelli will welcome all international operators who want to learn about the latest technological innovations in the field of espresso.

Among these is Easy Cream Technology that Nuova Simonelli has applied to the Aurelia II, the “machine of champions”.

With “Easy Cream Technology” even less experiences baristas can create cappuccinos as dense and creamy as those of latte art champions. The secret lies in the innovative nozzle with “tangential holes” developed and patented by the Nuova Simonelli team.

aurelia ii

The steam nozzle is expertly designed with a steam-air mixing system that can heat and froth milk to personal taste, thicker or more liquid, warmer or cooler it makes no difference. Everything is possible, just put the nozzle in the milk and press the button.


“Easy Cream Technology” exactly reproduces the gestures of good barista, firstly balancing the injection of steam and air. Then, when the milk has the right amount of air, the flow of air stops leaving only the steam, until reaching the optimum temperature. The new nozzle with tangential holes at different angles, imparts a rotary motion to the liquid for uniform consistency, the result is truly amazing.

Even more surprising is the consistency of result. Each serving has the same quality and the same temperature, regardless of the size of the cup or the amount of milk. Nuova Simonelli’s patented “Easy Cream” is available in the Aurelia II, Aurelia II Digit and the superautomatic Talento.


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