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Nuova Ricambi and Nuova SM Commerciale together at the service of professionals

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MILAN — Since 1980 Nuova Ricambi has been at the service of coffee machine manufacturers, technicians and roasters, guaranteeing a service that is always attentive, efficient and customer-oriented; making quality a mission.

In a sector, that of spare parts, which sees different companies incorporated under a single investment fund, the company decided to remain independent, to carry on with integrity and passion the work started by Marcellino Zanesi, forty years ago.

The company has always operated in a win-to-win logic, listening to the customer’s needs for mutual satisfaction. Today we are particularly happy to share good news with you, an acquisition: that is, an expansion in terms of products to offer on the market but also of new skills.

From 1st August 2019, the CEO of Nuova Ricambi, Marcello Zanesi, acquired a new company, SM Commerciale, which is an entity with a solid reputation, established in the national market for the sale of original and interchangeable spare parts for professional kitchen and custom-made gaskets for refrigeration.

Nuova Ricambi and Nuova SM Commerciale: a winning synergy.

The Nuova SM Commerciale S.r.l. was officially presented at Host 2019 and together with Nuova Ricambi form a very solid group, based on spare parts for professional kitchen combined with spare parts for coffee machines and equipment.

“Customers can go to one or the other company without distinction, they will have the same treatment and the same discounts will be applied” says the company in a press relase.

“Your contact persons will remain the same both in Nuova Ricambi and in Nuova SM Commerciale: we value people, expand skills!

Quality, Research and & Development, Technical Assistance and Promptness: those are the main strenghts of Nuova Ricambi and Nuova SM Commerciale. A single independent reality for your spare parts in the world of coffee and professional kitchens.”