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Noodles restaurant chain Tam Jai chooses Segafredo coffee for its flagship in Hong Kong

Tam Jai

MILAN – Tam Jai, one of Hong Kong’s leading noodles restaurant chains serves Segafredo coffee in its new flagship store in Central, Hong Kong.

The cooperation was realised by Tam Jai and Boncafé Hong Kong, a company of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group which distributes high quality coffee, tea and coffee machines for both foodservice and retail markets in Hong Kong.

The major brands distributed include Boncafé, Segafredo Zanetti as well as La San Marco coffee machines.

Segafredo Zanetti’s blending and roasting high expertise led to the creation of a tailor-made blend.

The blend combines the excellence of the Italian tradition with Hong Kong clientele’s refined taste.