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FROM THE INDUSTRY – K Cup holders become new popular accessory for K Cups in U.S. households everywhere

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NORTH TONAWANDA, NY, US – Contrary to popular belief, K Cups are now growing in popularity and replacing the everyday cup of Joe. Gourmet coffee can now be made at home, with the simplest of tools to become the family or office’s personal barista.

In a country crazed with ways to bring convenience to the mere five minutes most individuals have before starting the day, a delicious jump start for most is imperative to begin the day quickly. Sweet, hot cups of coffee at everyone’s disposal, with no “Please Wait In Line” sign in sight helps bring back a relaxing pace for individuals, rather than the well-known morning rush.

The Kuerig and Verisimo are only two examples of this type of machinery that adds to the convenience every morning.

With competing coffee brands such as Green Mountain Coffee and Starbucks now joining forces in manufacturing K Cups, there is now going to be much more single-serve coffee options for everyone.

According to Ted Cooper in the article “Is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters About to Fall Off a Cliff?” this industry has now penetrated 13% of U.S. households, and will continue to do so.

Many types of K Cups are now compatible with many different coffee makers, and this only adds to the variety of flavors made available to the avid coffee drinkers of the world. But where to place them all?


These K Cups are fragile and may become damaged if not handled and stored correctly, and may affect how often families would purchase them.


In order to preserve them, one would need a drawer dedicated to the K Cups, but that would surely be too messy and chaotic.

Introducing Life Made Better’s “Tower”, the number one storing solution for K-Cups. Not only is the Tower functional, but it is also stylish and sleek in its design. The glazed finish allows the Tower to be a new and functional accessory to any K Cup coffee maker.

As stated previously, the Tower also allows for the K Cups to be displayed neatly in an organized way to help individuals choose coffee flavors quickly, and conveniently.

The high quality plastic enables the Tower to stand on its own, even when there are not enough K Cups to fill the slots.

It does not lean unattractively to the side, and nor does it topple over. This ergonomic design allows the Tower to become a vital necessity of both the Kuerig and Verisimo, as well as become versatile enough for everyday use.

Source: press release


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