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Newcomers’ Area at Internorga 2018: Where success stories are written

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HAMBURG, Germany – New ideas and innovations get their first presentation at Internorga. With kiss lemonade, a garlic-neutralising refreshment drink; food colouring agents made from 100% fruit and vegetables; and customised edible give-aways – this year’s Newcomers’ Area at Internorga is once again the ideal place for anyone seeking original ideas.

It runs from 9 to 13 March, with some 20 exhibitors including many start-ups presenting a wide range of product innovations and smart concepts.

The trade visitors can look forward to plenty of inspiration there, while the exhibiting companies see it as a real springboard to develop new target groups and business fields in the food service and hotel sectors.

Companies in the Newcomers Area 2018

best müsli – less sweet is more!

Gluten-free and less sweet – top-notch mueslis and breakfast cereals from best müsli. Their selection is impressive, with more than 20 blends, including traditional classics and the latest creations such as an oats & currants crunchy mix. Another novelty from best müsli is the muesli cup to go. The cup is fully biodegradable and can be customised with client logos. The product portfolio also includes muesli bars, gluten-free bakery products, jams and toppings.

Chopp & Roll Ice Creamery – ice-cream with a difference

Ordinary ice-cream is out! The new concept from Chopp & Roll Ice Creamery combines unique icecream flavour with spectacular preparation. The basic recipe gives a choice between dairy and fruit ice-cream. “Chopp” means the ice-cream is chopped up together with the desired ingredients on a stainless steel board at -30°C, and “Roll” means it is shaped into appetising ice-cream rolls. Exotic ingredients and toppings such as biscuits, chocolate creams and fruit are added to crown the individual creations.

Colourfood Professional – pure colourants made from fruit & veg

From the field direct to the bottle – pure colourants made of 100% fruit and vegetables. That is the philosophy of Colourfood Professional, a brand of the family business BETTEC B.V. based in Vaals (Netherlands). Their innovative products, now available for food service and institutional consumers, are presented for the first time at Internorga. “We are pioneers in natural food colouring with brilliant colourants made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants such as spirulina algae – for example for ice-cream, desserts and bakery products, and also for soups, sauces and beverages,” says Alexander Hautmann, Marketing and Distribution Director of BETTEC B.V. The high concentration of colouring agent gives excellent natural effects, enabling a great many creative applications. Six intensive-colour variants are available for food service, bakeries, confectioneries, ice-cream manufacturers and other bulk users, giving a wide range of uses; it is the ideal solution for making colourful food and beverages which are free of colouring agents and additives. The new products are available in six intensive-colour variants: “cherry red”, “carrot orange”, “spirulina blue”, “grape violet”, “lemon yellow” and “apple green”.

Dr. Jaglas – certified premium herb bitter

From the monastic apothecary to today’s flavour experience – the apothecary family Jagla from Wuppertal continues to make carefully hand-crafted and matured spirits from selected bitter herbs, fine spices and ethereal oils. The cold macerated bitter herbs “Artichoke Elixir” and “Golfers Ginseng Elixir” are certified for their high degree of purity and content pursuant to the German Pharmacopoeia. Dr. Jaglas won the German Design Award 2017 for the unique design.

Grizzly Snacks – German premium beef jerky pioneers

71% protein and 100% natural ingredients. Beef Jerky from Grizzly Snacks is a modern version of what is perhaps the oldest snack-food in human history – dried meat. Inspired by trips to North America, the two founders are the German leaders with Premium Beef Jerky since 2013. Thin strips of the best German beef are marinated with natural ingredients and then air-dried in a special drying process. That is how the two globe-trotters make 100g of tasty Beef Jerky from 350g of fresh beef, using their own specially developed recipe – without flavour enhancers, conserving agents or other additives. Grizzly Snacks Beef Jerky is low in fat, rich in protein, and full of flavour; it is ideal for anyone looking for a healthy, delicious snack.

Lizza – the healthy dough alternative

Pizza, low-calorie please! Yes, you can – with low-carb dough made from flax seeds and chia seeds. Lizza is gluten-free and vegan, with dough made from whole-food ingredients, rich in protein and fibre. For pizza, flammkuchen, with a spread for breakfast, or as a savoury snack – Lizza is ideal for health and nutrition conscious people such as athletes, vegans, allergy sufferers, diabetics and weight watchers. Lizza met with an amazing reception from an audience of millions on the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (similar to “Dragon’s Den”).

Media Carrier – e-paper library at top level

Media Carrier GmbH has specialised in the marketing and distribution of digital content. Their main product is the Media Box, which supplies the travel industry with e-papers. Media Box is a highly efficient e-paper library comprising nearly 1,000 titles, national and international magazines and newspapers ready for convenient download for a wide range of readers. Media Box is now in service worldwide, as the digital multimedia library for leading airlines such as Lufthansa, SWISS, Virgin Atlantic, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and Oman Air, and for more than 1,000 hotels (including Radisson Blu, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Intercity Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Sofitel and Steigenberger).

Papa Original – refreshing drink to neutralise garlic smell

Papa Original is a refreshing drink which became known in the Vox start-up show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (similar to “Dragon’s Den”), and is designed to get rid of garlic smell after eating kebab. A kebab at lunchtime and then straight to work? Or in the evening, and then move on to a club?

Papa Original makes it all possible. The manufacturer claims that 50 mg of the new “garlic killer” refreshment drink can neutralise garlic and onion odour within an hour. The secret of the “garlic killer” Papa Original is the chlorophyll – that is the green substance found in plants. The natural substance neutralises odours and also colours the beverage bright green. The normal digestion process of food containing onions and garlic involves the body’s own enzymes, which neutralise the odorants with the help of chlorophyll molecules.

PaPicante – the new savoury snack bar

PaPicante is the new savoury snack bar based on pea protein crisps, with international flavours (American Style, Asian Style, and Mediterranean Style). It is a delicious response to appetite on the go and when out and about. PaPicante is more than just another muesli bar. This is about “international regional cuisine in trouser-pocket format”, so it is a new lifestyle product that gives real value added. Thanks to its innovative baseline ingredient pea protein crisps, it fits in well with current food trends and customer wishes, made from regional ‘superfood’, and serves a growing target group (“Quality & Mobile Eaters”), giving it a genuine USP. PaPicante is the perfect fit for a busy, active lifestyle. Thanks to its innovative trend ingredients such as pea protein crisps, quinoa, dried vegetables and herbs, and exotic spices, this is a new savoury snacking experience, giving customers a good conscience and so tasty they are habit forming!

Print2Taste – 3D food printing for pros

Up to now, the available tools have always set narrow limits for the implementation of creative ideas. The 3D Food Printing System Procusini 3.0 is a universal Plug & Play solution for customised, creative design of food in professional kitchens, catering and event food service, and in bakeries and confectioneries.

Prodana Bio Packaging – to-go packaging and disposable foodservice products

Prodana Bio Packaging proves that organic and disposable can go together, and still look good. All Prodana’s products are made from vegetable raw materials on a sustainable basis. The disposable plates are made from waste and residual products such as palm leaves, sugar cane fibres or wheat bran, and meet sophisticated aesthetic standards. Trays are made from sugar cane, salad and delicatessen bowls from vegetable starch, and compostable wrapping film from organic plastic. The whole range is petroleum-free, biodegradable and compostable.

Seedlip – the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, from the UK

Seedlip is the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit, answering the old question of “what to drink when you’re not drinking®”. In November 2015, Seedlip was launched at Selfridges department store in London, and was sold out straight away. Today the brand is sold in more than 10 international cities and served in 80 Michelin starred restaurants. It is also available at the world’s best cocktail bars. Seedlip is blended and bottled in the UK. The brand has developed its own specially tailored maceration process for each plant extract, with distilling in a copper vat and its own filtration process – the manufacturing process takes a total of 6 weeks. The spirits from Seedlip are zerocalorie and contain neither sugar nor sweeteners nor artificial aroma substances, making a Seedlip & Tonic a serious adult alternative to an alcoholic cocktail.

Skiwater – Austrian organic lemonade freshened with mountain spring water

Sport makes you thirsty. Skiwater was invented as a genuine isotonic thirst quencher to respond to that need in remote Alpine villages. The success recipe for this mountain classic is freshly squeezed organic raspberries and mountain spring water, a dash of lime juice and a little fructose – and now it is also available outside of the Alps. For a specially refreshing drink, Skiwater is vitalised by slight carbonation.

Vepura – authentic Indian deep-frozen delicacies for snacking and enjoyment

Freshly prepared from original recipes, and deep frozen straight away – these authentic Indian dishes from Vepura are something special, with a wide variety of spices. The current vegetarianvegan product range includes tandoor-baked Naan bread, various curry dishes, and tasty snacks in various sizes, flavours and strengths.

About Internorga

Internorga is the leading European trade fair for hotels, restaurants, bakery and confectionery. It is held in March every year, with more than 1,300 exhibitors from Germany and abroad and over 95,000 trade visitors. It showcases products, innovations, trends and innovations for the whole of the foodservice and hospitality market. The trade show is accompanied by international conferences, an extensive supporting programme, and innovative industry competitions.

Internorga is recognised by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) as Germany’s only international trade show for the HORECA industry. It has been held at the heart of Hamburg since 1921. For more information on Internorga 2018, see,,

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