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New Zeland: the story of a shipping container that became a cafe

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Once upon a time there was a shipping container that dreamed pastel colors and wanted to be a bar.

In a far, far away country, where people live upside down, there is an enchanted valley with woods and orchards. Here an old shipping container was transformed by a good fairy in a Tiffany blue cafe. No, this is not just a wonderful story, it is true.

DVG De Vecchi

At the top of the South Island in New Zealand there is Rabbit Island, a National Park on the coastline. This is the perfect place where to walk on never ending beaches, explore woods and have wonderful time with the whole family. On the access road to the park, in the midst of vines and fruit trees, there is the most beautiful cafe of all times: the Rabbit Island Coffee Co.

This is a family story too: Ali and her husband Stephen have been in the coffee roasting business for long time, Ali’s younger sister and little brother work here too.

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la marzocco new zeland
the counter

The Rabbit Island Coffee is a magic place: a Blue Tiffany shipping container in the middle of a field. Here you can find specialty coffee beverages and gourmet milkshakes with funny names.

Unexpected encounters like this are the most beautiful things that on-the road trips can give you. You can stop here for a morning break with a delicious iced-coffee (that here is a kind of milkshake) and a “Super Hero” smoothie with blueberries, banana and kale.

You can sit on rétro white wooden chairs and blankets that you can use to lie down in the grass. You will fall in love immediately with this place!

A perfect place for your coffee break

Every detail suggests the love with which everything is done: a small red hearts garland hanging from a shelf gives the perfect touch!


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