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NEW TRENDS – Transparent, social and hi-tech, the bar of the future is at Host

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MILAN – What will the bar of the future be like? A place, perhaps, where all the preparation processes can be seen, so as to give transparency on production processes and on where ingredients are sourced, and possibly (in the case of herbs or certain vegetables) grown on site?

The future will undoubtedly be all about innovation, machinery and layout, and these will be presented at Host as has become customary at the two-yearly event.

La Cimbali

One such presentation will be by Frigomat: “At Host 2015 we will be presenting an innovative machine that actually makes the ice cream freshly in front of the customer,” says Silvia Ranieri of the marketing department.

“Our aim in coming to Host is to give our brand greater visibility at an international level, especially given the fact that the fair will be taking place at the same time as Expo 2015.”


From hi-tech to hi-touch, digital technologies are the big challenge for out-of-home eating and they will be able to design a new eco-system for public establishments because of their ability to set up a new network of relationships.

We will be able to enjoy a cappuccino or other drink while working in a way that is more efficient than now, but above all we will be able to interact with those around us and those who are a long way away through communication systems and social networks.

And the experience will change in accordance with the time of day or the occasion.

Solutions for tomorrow’s public establishments will be seen particularly clearly at Host 2015 at Futurbar, a concept bar for the future devised in collaboration with Consorzio FIA, the consultancy concern that specialises in the innovative technological applications that the International Hospitality Exhibition will be presenting at the next edition.

Technology is indeed one of the key factors in the way we will eat and drink in the future. It will foster interactivity, blending real and virtual space in a non-intrusive way, while at the same time producing ever-changing sensations.

“The idea behind the natural interaction consists in the fusion into one single dimension of physical and digital space,” explains the president of Consorzio FIA, Oddone Sangiorgi.

“Technology plays a major role but it is invisible. We no longer have keyboards but tables on which we can move electronic documents around (images and text) as if they were actually there physically; not monitors, but walls or floors that respond to the presence of the person close to it, to their gestures and movements.”

So this could be just the boost out-of-home eating needs after the last few difficult years, creating new convivial moments that then also become business opportunities.

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