Sunday 03 July 2022

NEW PRODUCTS – Harmless Harvest launches the world’s first 100% raw coconut water with Fair Trade coffee

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Continuing to raise the industry standards for social and environmental practices, Harmless Harvest’s new project blends their critically acclaimed, 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with fair trade and organic coffee beans.

Highlighting the unique flavor, aroma, and nutritional properties of real ingredients, Harmless Harvest combines its distinctive Fair for Life – Fair Trade & USDA Organic certified Nam Hom coconut water with bold, energizing coffee.

The stimulating beverage has about 50 mg of naturally occurring caffeine, the equivalent of a shot of espresso.

“The delicious flavor is irrevocably tied to our ingredients’ exceptional sourcing,” says Harmless Harvest co-founder Douglas Riboud.

“After tasting coffee from around the world, the outstanding taste of coffee beans sourced from a small cooperative in Peru proved to be the ideal blend with our distinctive coconut water.”

The beans are harvested by a small association of coffee producers in the San Ignacio province in Cajamarca, Peru.

Like Harmless Harvest’s coconut farmers in Thailand, these Peruvian producers strictly adhere to organic and fair trade practices, making this a 100% Fair for Life certified product that promotes sustainable agriculture and the use of organic practices within the beverage industry.

“This project leverages the hydrating and nutritional properties of our coconut water with the uplifting buzz of coffee,” adds Harmless Harvest co-founder Justin Guilbert.

“Our 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee is an energizing, hydrating refreshment with no added sugar, dairy, or preservatives,” he continues. “The flavor is incredible, balancing rich, smooth coffee notes with the lightly sweet, nutty flavor of our coconut water.”

This pioneering product will initially launch at Whole Foods Market nationwide.

“Harmless Harvest continues their amazing track record for refreshing, ethically sourced beverages. We are excited to partner on this great one-two punch of HPP coconut water and organic, fair trade, cooperatively grown coffee.

This new option is a win for our customers and the growers and farm workers,” says Errol Schweizer, executive global grocery coordinator for Whole Foods Market.

The Peruvian cooperative that harvests Harmless Harvest’s organic coffee beans has a focus on empowering women and the impoverished, with over 50 percent of members located in areas of extreme poverty.

The organization has seen a significant decrease in domestic abuse against women, as well as an increased priority on educating children to strengthen the community as a whole. Guilbert concludes, “Sourcing from this cooperative is just another proof that better products can be made to benefit everyone involved. It’s worth the extra effort.”

Harmless Harvest 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee will be available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets nationwide this month.

Founded in 2009 by Douglas Riboud and Justin Guilbert, Harmless Harvest is a progressive food & beverage initiative set on demonstrating that an ecosystem-based business model can and should be how food is made.

By combining innovative scientific methods with local traditional knowledge, Harmless Harvest integrates the long-term welfare of all its stakeholders — from plant to customer — in the creation of better products for all. For more information, visit


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