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New Nespresso ad features George Clooney, Muppets, Burt Reynolds …

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LOS ANGELES, U.S. – Even George Clooney isn’t immune to the feeling of really, really needing a cup of coffee … it just has to be Nespresso. Yahoo Celebrity had an exclusive first look at Clooney’s new ad, which reunites the 55-year-old actor with Ocean’s Eleven co-star Andy Garcia.

The new spot, set to Mel Torme’s classic “Comin’ Home Baby,” shows just how far the U.S. brand ambassador for Nespresso will go for the perfect cup of coffee.

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After Garcia calls Clooney — who is at work on a rainy film set — from his home in the Hollywood Hills on a gorgeous sunny morning, Amal’s hubby decides to head back and join his friend in La La Land.

Clooney finds himself in a montage of iconic movie travel scenes from The Muppet Movie, Psycho, Easy Rider, Smokey and the Bandit, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and Seabiscuit to get there.


The faux scene with Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit is a standout one for Clooney, as he said the actor was his favorite “co-star.”

“I never met Burt Reynolds, but I would like to,” Clooney tells Yahoo. “Burt was the biggest star in the world in the ’70s and one of my favorite actors. There was always a sense that as an audience we were in on it with him. So I might say Burt Reynolds on this one just because I haven’t met him and I would like to.”

Hey, the admiration is mutual. Reynolds recently told Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric that if Smokey and the Bandit ever gets remade, he’d want George Clooney to play the bandit. “Well, George Clooney is my favorite actor,” said Reynolds.

“But he wouldn’t do it, I don’t think. He wouldn’t have to do that. He would do what he does, but … I love his work. He has a sense of humor about himself, which the Bandit had.”

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