Sunday 25 February 2024

New Brazilian instant coffee brand Explore&Enjoy to target Arab countries

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SÃO PAULO, Brazil – The Brazilian Soluble Coffee Industry Association (ABICS) launched a brand this month for the worldwide promotion of the product: Explore&Enjoy – Instant Coffee Brazil. The brand was created as part of the cooperation agreement signed in February 2018 with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

Soluble coffee is prepared by the dehydration of the roasted bean, a process that can be done through different methods.

The new brand’s main goals include showing the country’s leading role in the industry. “Brazil is one of the greatest soluble coffee producers and exporters, but it didn’t have a brand that showed this,” said ABICS Institutional Relations director Aguinaldo José de Lima.

Although a brand for the domestic market has also been created, Crie&Curta, the focus of Explore&Enjoy is on the foreign market, announcing it specially to clients that sell directly to the consumer. “One of the [planned] actions was to establish a Brazilian soluble coffee brand, since we sell to the leading companies that pack it in their own brands and distribute it in the market of each country,” explained Lima.

The Arab market

The Arab countries’ market is one of the focus of the association work. “We are interested in the Arab market, which accounts for 5.8% of our exports,” the director pointed out. The overall volume of coffee exported to the Arab countries in H1 2019 was 872,620 bags, up 53.9% year-on-year. The exchange earning amounts to USD 102 million.

Sixteen Arab countries import Brazilian soluble coffee. There are many examples of those who have tariff barriers. The Comoro Islands apply a 20% tariff. Yemen, Morocco and Sudan 25%, while Algeria 30%. Among the Brazilian competition are European countries such as Germany, Spain and Netherlands.

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