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Neuhaus unveils exclusive pairing of coffee and pralines with Gebr. Heinemann

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HONG KONG — Today, Neuhaus launches their very first praline and coffee food pairing ritual in Asia in an exclusive Travel Retail partnership with Gebr. Heinemann. The exclusive pairing is solely available in selected Sweet Dreams by Heinemann shops at Hong Kong International Airport.

With the Neuhaus Coffee & Pralines Collection showcasing six surprising pralines and two unique types of coffee from Brazil and Colombia, every praline and coffee ritual is a moment to remember.

Pairing two distinct, yet complementary flavours can enhance and excite the taste buds.  Drawing inspiration from the Belgian practice of enjoying a praline with a cup of coffee, Neuhaus has created the perfect food pairing ritual to indulge in.

Neuhaus’ Master Chocolatiers have created two sets of pralines to be paired with coffee.  Each set is made up of three pralines created to match perfectly with a unique single origin coffee from either Columbia or Brazil.

Neuhaus’ Chocolatiers have selected beans from Colombia and Brazil, two world leaders in cocoa and coffee. Both the cocoa and coffee beans are from a single origin, guaranteeing a pure and authentic flavour.

Coffee ritual 2.0

This ritual is all about tasting. The three pralines are eaten one after the other in a specific order building from delicate to intense together with coffee from the same region.To bring out the full depth of the flavours, Neuhaus’ Master Chocolatiers recommend a tasting ritual that will surprise and delight.


First, start with a sip of coffee to release its flavour. Then let the first praline slowly melt on your tongue and enjoy the pleasure of the coating melting away to reveal a delicious filling. Finally, have a sip of coffee to blend the flavours in your mouth and intensify the flavour sensation. Repeat the ritual for the second and third praline. Enjoy!

Luxury box

The Coffee & Pralines Collection is available in two versions. The Experience Box contains 36 pralines and two 100-g packets of Brazil and Colombia single origin coffees – enough for 12 delicious coffee and praline rituals.

The Origin Box contains 24 pralines which is just right for eight indulgent coffee and praline rituals. Both presentations boxes are simple and elegant with a luxurious finish. They both contain a leaflet that provides full details about the production process and the ideal coffee ritual.

Alexandra Bevernage, Global Travel Retail Director Neuhaus Chocolates: “This first and exclusive launch in Asia of our unique Coffee Pairing collection underscores the importance of the region to Neuhaus.

Heinemann is one of the most forward-looking companies in the region, making the collaboration with Neuhaus, who invented the Belgian praline, a natural fit. We are developing more exciting projects and will continue to work on building strong offerings in Asia so as to continue leading the premium chocolate category”.

“We are very excited to partner with Neuhaus for this exclusive launch in Asia. The unique coffee pairing collection from Neuhaus is definitely the first of its kind and its launch in Asia through our SWEET DREAMS by Heinemann stores at HK International Airport underscores how important Hong King is for the confectionery category. As we continue to grow this category in Hong Kong, we will be bringing many more of such exclusive launches, “ says Johannes Sammann, COO Heinemann Asia Pacific.


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