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Nespresso launches Limited Edition, inspired by the very first coffee houses

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MILAN — This January, travel back in time with Nespresso and embark on a journey to the historical roots and the lively ambience of the very first coffee houses. Nespresso is launching two new Limited Edition coffees, Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia that are inspired by the world’s very first coffee houses and aim to bring the vibrant and bustling atmosphere directly to your homes.

Istanbul has always been the entry point from Asia to Europe. A melting pot of colliding cultures, flavours, tastes and ideas. With no printing press, Istanbul’s coffee house was seen as the mouthpiece of the city, where wild, and rich theories were challenged, with coffee as the natural elixir. Venice has always been the creative gateway to Europe.

Home for the arts, music and experimentation, which often made the coffee houses, the tastemakers. This fusion of cultures and expressions made the coffee houses wild, complex and elegance places.

Follow the footsteps of the past and enter the birthplace of the coffee houses in Istanbul with Café Istanbul. With its intense, black and oriental notes, Café Istanbul will inspire any black coffee lover taking them directly into the heart of the wild and bustling atmosphere of that time.

Caffè Venezia, with its elegant and delicate profile, is the perfect muse and inspiration in a cup. Journey to Venice and enjoy a short get away to the home for arts and music.

To fully immerse yourself in a lively blend of history, the artist Young Rascal juxtaposed contemporary, stylish Nespresso drinkers with evocative illustrations of the first coffee houses and merged today’s drinkers in yesterday’s world.

Young Rascal explained: “I was really inspired by the idea of taking a typical coffee lover from today, complete with headphones, and placing them into a scene from the past. Being a lover of history this appealed to me immensely. The coffee houses of Venice and Istanbul were the hubs of society and a real melting pot. Placing our modern day coffee drinkers with the citizens of that time, made me think – would they fit in? Of course they would! Their clothing would differ, but the age-old art of conversation and laughter would remain. Something I hope I’ve managed to convey in these pictures.”

Discover The Limited Edition Coffees

There are two delicious coffees to try, available in Original and Vertuo formats:

Café Istanbul – Arabian Mocha coffee from Yemen mixes with East Indies and Indian treasures to create this cup, reminiscent of the mystery of the oriental bazaar. Evocative of historical blends, it has an exotic character carrying intense roasted and black pepper spicy notes.
Intensity: 10
Serving size: Ristretto (25ml) or Espresso (40ml)

Caffè Venezia – A taste of history as coffee from the ancient Ethiopian city of Harrar mixes with Indian Arabica to create a cup rich with the exotic perfume of the East. Wild and floral notes combine with a roasted character in this potent and complex coffee.
Intensity: 7
Serving size: [OL] Espresso (40ml) or Lungo (70ml). For Vertuo: Mug (230ml)

Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia will be available for a limited period from Nespresso boutiques worldwide, as well as through orders from the Nespresso Customer Care Centres and online.

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