Friday 20 May 2022

Nespresso and American Forests work together to restore forests across the US

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NEW YORK, US – For almost 20 years, Nespresso has invested in agroforestry projects that conserve the ecosystems its coffee farms and communities rely on. This year, Nespresso is taking its commitment to protecting nature one step further with a contribution to American Forests, the nation’s oldest nonprofit conservation organization, in support of forest restoration projects in California, Hawaii and Texas.

“Protecting the ecosystems that our farmers rely on has been an integral part of our sustainability strategy for decades,” said Alfonso Gonzalez Loeschen, CEO of Nespresso North America. “We are proud to be supporting American Forests to protect and preserve the incredible forests that are essential to the health of our communities and for the planet.”

In total, 100,000 seedlings will be planted in priority ecosystems in California, Texas and Hawaii, resulting in over 320 acres of land reforested.

Southern Sierras, California

The Sierra National Forest and the Tule River Indian Reservation in the Southern Sierras, California, are home to some of the only giant sequoia groves in the world. This area was greatly devastated by the 2017 Pier Fire and the 2020 Creek Fire. Nespresso’s contribution will support the replanting of the most severely burned parts of the forest.

Rio Grande Valley, Texas

The Rio Grande Valley in Texas is one of America’s biodiversity hotspots, but its ecosystem has been affected by aggressive development. Nespresso’s contribution will support the planting of thornforests in this region, which serve as a habitat for more than 500 species of songbirds and 11 threatened and endangered species.


Hawaii’s dryland forests are home to some of the world’s most unique biodiversity, and 95 percent of these forests have been destroyed through human impact. Nespresso’s contribution will help restore these dryland forests through tree planting at sites like the Ka’ūpūlehu Dryland Forest and the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center.

“We at American Forests are thrilled to partner with Nespresso to reforest some of America’s most critical landscapes with climate-smart techniques,” said Jad Daley, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Forests. “Together we will help restore health to our forests, making them more resilient to climate change and sustaining ecosystems that are absolutely essential to wildlife and communities.”

Tree planting and forest conservation play a huge role in Nespresso’s Positive Cup platform, which seeks to create a cup of coffee that has a positive impact on the world. Trees help improve the quality of the coffee harvest and make a larger impact on the long-term health of the environment. By the time they are fifty years old, 100,000 trees could sequester 35,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is roughly equivalent to the emissions from burning 3.9 million gallons of gasoline, or the annual emissions of 4,200 American homes.

To learn more about Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability and agroforestry, please visit:

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