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MZB Usa announces Kauai Whole Bean is now available in South Korea

Emart Trader, a wholesale discount store and subsidiary of Emart, South Korea’s largest discount retailer with 156 stores, now carries Kauai Coffee.

Over a decade ago, Emart acquired Walmart Korea and was the first Korean retailer to advance into China. It plans to expand into Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Mongolia and has a strong on-line presence as well.

Charles Kutner, MZB-USA Director of Sales for the Asian market says of the new business, “We are all thrilled to have entered the Korean market through Korea’s largest discount retailer chain and we hope to expand our presence with other Korean wholesalers and retailers in the very near future.”

Kauai Coffee Assistant Brand Manager Bonnie Freitas, who helped lead the project in the US said, “This is our first Korean customer and we are all very excited about our new relationship with Emart Trader.

We learned a lot about doing business in South Korea and every department from Accounting, Logistics, and Product Development, to Customer Service, Sales, and Manufacturing was happy to work together to ensure a successful entry and we are looking forward to growing our relationship”.