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Musetti: new products showcased at HOST 2015

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MILAN – HOST 2015 has been the perfect opportunity to present all the news about Musetti. There are three new proposals on which the company is aiming to develop and enhance its offering: the blend Gold Cuvée, organic coffee and single origins. Gold Cuvée is the exaltation of the brand Musetti and expresses in the highest degree the qualities and the values that have always distinguished the roasting company.

This unique and fine blend was created in 2014 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the company. In this blend tradition and wisdom of the master roasters merge with high quality provided by innovation to give rise to a special, sweet and full-bodied blend. Brazilian arabica coffee blend with African robusta and coffee washed Indians, provide to the blend a rich aroma, yet a fine acidity.


The other innovation presented at Host is organic coffee, a quality product derived exclusively from organic farming and under direct control of the institution Bioagricert. In the cultivation and processing of organic coffee is used only organic substances.

Using ancient methods are not used chemicals or alternatives that while improving economic performance, affect the authenticity of the product. To make lush plants we think of the manure and the environment itself, groundwater and soils rich in nutrients.

To defend against pests, insects and other substances are used other plants, animals and minerals. Of fundamental importance also the experience and care of the growers, pickers and raw foodists, always careful to verify the characteristics and quality of the beans. With certified organic coffee you will have the certainty to enter in your body the best.


Musetti, more and more future-oriented, pays great attention on the single origin coffee. Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Burundi and Kenya are the single origins presented in this edition of Host. Ethiopia Sidamo G2 is a noble cru characterized by a complex and extremely strong aroma, with notes of citrus and flower.

The Guatemala is a single origin coffee aromatic and well-balanced, with a round body, sweet taste and pleasant acidity with soft cocoa and tobacco aftertaste. Brazil expresses an intense and enveloping aroma with a full body and velvety, sweet and with an aftertaste of cocoa.

The Colombia single origin, however, is characterized by a rich aroma and a medium-high body that enhances the perfect balance between sweet and acidity. It has notes of caramel and dried fruit with chocolate and toasted bread attendance.

The single origin Burundi, is characterized by a clean and delicate aroma, a strong acidity and well-balanced notes of lemon and spices. Kenya, finally, is a full-bodied coffee, complete with pleasant acidity. In the aftertaste we can feel notes of citrus and chocolate, natural or sometimes candy.


These single origins, light toasted, are particularly appropriate for alternative methods of extraction such as Chemex, V-60, Cold Brew, Syphon and Aeropress.

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