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Mumac Academy Web Arena: three live events every week on coffee culture

MUMAC Academy Web Arena

BINASCO, Milan, Italy – More than ever before, coffee time is a moment that can bring us together and reduce the distance that has been put between us by the safety measures implemented to halt the spread of Covid-19. The internet and the social media have become our tools for interacting, strengthening our relationships and discussing coffee and other things.

Our passion for coffee cannot be contained and through the social media we can share it with coffee lovers across the world.

MUMAC Academy, the Cimbali Group Academy for the training of professionals and coffee lovers, has launched “MUMAC Academy Web Arena”, a digital stage dedicated to training and the promotion of coffee culture on air on the Academy’s Instagram page.

From Wednesday 18 March, at 2 p.m., three live events will be held each week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) by experienced trainers from the overseas branches of the MUMAC Academy, respected international coffee gurus and some of the most-followed coffee influencers, to discover the fascinating world of coffee.

An appointment not to be missed for the increasingly large coffee community with guests of the calibre of Manuela Fensore, Latte Art world champion in 2019, and Francesco Sanapo, barista champion on multiple occasions.

Then there is Davide Roveto and Emanuele Bernabei, external trainers from the Cimbali Group Academy, world famous bartender Giorgio Facchinetti, the coffee shop experience according to Alberto Nevola (Tostato – Brescia) and Matteo Cecconi (Caffè dei Cavalieri – Pisa) and all of the love for coffee of Valentina Palange, influencer from Specialty Pal.

From topical issues like suggestions for coffee shops once the current emergency is over, to new trends in the British, American and Spanish markets.

From tips on how to prepare for an international competition and plan a routine from champions, to the secrets of coffee in good spirits, latte art and the moka pot, and through to learning about the countries that grow coffee and the sustainable methods used.

The complete calendar of live events via Instagram is available in the gallery below and can also be seen at academy.mumac.it and on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of MUMAC Academy and the LaCimbali and Faema brands.

Mumac Academy Web Arena – the complete calendar of live events (click to enlarge)

“MUMAC Academy Web Arena” doesn’t stop here: Wednesday 18 March will see the launch of a series of in-depth study sessions for Cimbali Group employees dedicated to numerous aspects of the coffee world, from botany to espresso, from extraction systems to international trends.

An initiative that underlines the attention the Group pays to the continuous training of its internal resources through moments of sharing and interaction using tools and formats capable of reducing the distance between people and strengthening team spirit.


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