Monday 30 January 2023

MUMAC Academy opens its first European Lab in Oslo

As part of the MUMAC Academy LAB project, the network of twinned training centres at dealers’ premises, the first MUMAC Academy LAB in Europe has been set up in Oslo, at the Faema distributor Primulator.

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MILAN, Italy – MUMAC Academy, the Gruppo Cimbali Coffee Machine Academy, inaugurated on 7 April 2022, the first MUMAC Academy Lab in Europe based in Oslo, at Primulator, Faema’s distributor in Norway. The MUMAC Academy’s training programme is continually expanding and in order to assist even more professionals throughout Italy and abroad, the MUMAC Academy Lab project has been set up, a network of twinned training centres at dealers’ premises.

MUMAC Academy Lab

The Labs offer the opportunity to train and learn about products directly in your area through a high-quality controlled system aligned with the MUMAC Academy programme.

The opening day of the launch of the new premises welcomed participants on a journey describing and highlighting the various facets of the Primulator and Faema range, from products to technical assistance, ending with a presentation of the MUMAC Academy Lab spaces and with training and information activities with Angelo Sportelli, a Coffee Specialist at MUMAC Academy.

In particular, there was an espresso tasting activity with the Faema E71E, E71 Touch and Faemina GTi system and, with the latter, a demonstration of automatic filter extraction, a unique feature of this ‘Home’ range product.

The Faemina GTi system (photo credits by MUMAC Academy)

About the Academy

The Academy is Gruppo Cimbali’s Coffee Machine Academy, an international training centre for professionals and coffee lovers. Headquartered in Binasco (Milan), MUMAC Academy has established eight branches in Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Paris, Porto, Rome, Seville and Vienna.

There are also ten Labs, training centres twinned at the Gruppo Cimbali distributor sites. A benchmark for the promotion of coffee culture since its foundation in 2014, the Academy has helped to train more than 10,500 professionals with over 1,300 days of in-person and online courses. The Academy is a certified SCA Premier Training Campus and IIAC Academy, one of the most prestigious venues for coffee tasting and knowledge.

Its training programme, taught by internationally acclaimed instructors, is divided into two categories: courses on coffee with SCA, LAGS and IIAC modules, and courses on coffee machine technologies for the transformation of the product, on which the Academy carries out research in collaboration with various universities.

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