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More BPI Certifications for Gaia Biomaterials allow for new compostable products

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HELSINGBORG, Sweden – Swedish company GAIA Biomaterials’ limestone-based bioplastic material Biodolomer has received more compostability certifications from BPI in the USA. The new certifications cover Biodolomer T and enable the production of compostable products that require rigid materials, such as drinking mugs and food trays.

Gaia Biomaterials recently received its first BPI compostability certificate for the thinner grades of Biodolomer suitable for film applications. The new certificates are given to Biodolomer T for Extrusion, Granulates, Sheet Resin, and Thermoforming Resin with a maximum thickness of 1000 microns.

Biodolomer T is suitable for products that require a rigid material, such as beer and coffee cups, and food trays.

“This means that we can now offer a USA-certified compostable material for a number of new applications that require a thicker and more rigid material”, says Gaia Biomaterials CEO Peter Stenström.

BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) is North America’s leading authority on compostable products and packaging.

They ensure that all claims of compostability are supported by scientific evidence as requested by the FTC.


Biodolomer T already has a European certification from the German certification bureau DIN Certco. Like other Biodolomer materials, it is based on limestone and does not result in any microplastics. It also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% when incinerated.

GAIA Biomaterials manufacture Biodolomer. A compostable material that has most of the qualities of plastic – but not the disadvantages.

It is compostable, very low in CO2 and leaves no micro plastics or plastic pollution. It is used for a large number of applications and can be used with most production techniques used for plastic.

The company is based i Helsingborg, Sweden and has a number of Bioplastic patents. It was founded in 2015 by Åke Rosén, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading packaging materials scientists over the decades.


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