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Microbar II, success renewed

“‘New technology, new design. This is how Microbar II, the second generation of super automatic compact machines for low volume restaurants, coffee corners and offices that do not want to miss the pleasure of quality coffee.

“‘A major novelty, especially for those who use it at home, at work or in other small rooms, is the quietness. The Nuova Simonelli design team managed to reduce noise while preserving all other performance in a machine that now, with a single quieter grinder, comes in two versions: coffee and cappuccino.

The ability for the customer to choose extends to a double chromatic solution. Both Microbar II models can be purchased in red or pearl white. The double choice makes Microbar II even more adaptable to tastes and environments.

Confirming the size and volume of the first version, which was awarded an Honourable Mention in the ‘Golden Compass’ contest of the Association for Industrial Design, the Microbar II features a redesigned front top, with a different arrangement of the panel which is now horizontal, rather than vertical.

The brewing unit has new mechanics with electronic temperature compensation to ensure high quality extractions, consistent servings and reduced waiting times. The double tamping system can give different coffee from the same blend depending on preference.

All components are now modular by design and thus facilitate any maintenance on the machine. More robust, faster, quieter, the Microbar II is confirmed as an extremely easy to use machine, allowing anyone to benefit from its professional services.