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Meira′s Vallila Roastery: a single origin line sustainably produced from bean to package

Meira Vallila Roastery

HELSINKI, Finland – Meira, part of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, has launched the Vallila Roastery brand, a special tribute to the historical district of Helsinki where the company has been roasting coffee for more than a hundred years and where 30% of the coffee in Finland is roasted.

Uganda Sipi Falls and Honduras Lempira, the first two coffees of the Valilla Roastery family, are organic and single origin and their beans come from Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified farms in Honduras and Uganda.

The packaging materials are also produced sustainably: instead of the traditional laminate, the coffee packaging is partially made of renewable plant-based raw materials.

As a result, the carbon footprint impact is reduced by 45%. Environmentally friendly materials, optimized size of the package to reduce waste and the ability to preserve the authentic flavor of the coffee are the cornerstones of the development of the new packaging.

In connection with Vallila Roastery, Meira also launched a partnership project to support early childhood education in Honduras.