Sunday 25 February 2024

Meira launches new Kulta Katriina Rainforest Alliance certified coffee line

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MILAN – Offering the flavor of a sustainable-sourced coffee is the essence of all coffee production at Meira, part of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group and leading Finnish coffee producer.

Meira recently launched a caffeine-free and a high-caffeine filter coffee into the market both Rainforest Alliance certified with the Kulta Katriina brand.

Kulta Katriina Plus BOOST coffee blend is a mixture of high quality and high-caffeine coffee varieties. This coffee contains 30% more caffeine than regular filter coffee and its beans are sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Honduras, Vietnam and Central America.

Vitality and joy, but not only, more and more coffee drinkers also want to feel moments of relaxation and recovery. Even if dark roasted, Kulta Katriina Plus RELAX is a totally caffeine-free filter coffee.

This coffee contains 100% Rainforest Alliance certified Arabica beans from Honduras.

The caffeine is removed in a natural Mountain Water Process with the help of water where no chemical substances are used.

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