Monday 17 June 2024
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Mayorga Organics launches first ever organic specialty coffee brick pack

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MIAMI, U.S. — Nationally-recognized leader in sustainably-sourced specialty organic coffee, Mayorga Organics, is injecting new life into the ground coffee segment. The company has released the first ever organic specialty coffee “brick pack” into the market—containing 10oz of fresh-roasted and ground organic Café Cubano. Mayorga is importing, roasting, grinding, and packaging this item at its massive new Miami, Florida facility.

“People will tell you that brick packed coffee is low quality, commercial, chemical-laden junk. They’re generally right, which is why we knew we had to disrupt the category,” states Martin Mayorga, CEO of Mayorga Organics.

“There is nothing better than batch roasted specialty grade Arabica coffee and there is no reason why it can’t be freshly roasted, ground, and vacuumed into brick packs,” he continues.

“There is also an element of culture and pride. Many companies market this item to the Latino community on nostalgia and rock bottom prices at the expense of farmer sustainability, environmental considerations, and flavor quality. As a Latino, I find this offensive and outdated. As someone focused on growing a specialty coffee company to support our farmers, communities, and staff, I see a massive opportunity.”

When asked about price Mayorga replies, “Specialty grade organic coffee isn’t cheap and we have to make sure our producers can continue to grow great coffee. Our brick packs will be at least 45% more expensive than the commercial grade brick packs but the quality difference is night and day. When compared to other specialty coffees, the value that we’re offering consumers is inarguable.”

The company is currently offering 10 oz brick packs of espresso ground organic Café Cubano through its own website as it prepares to launch distribution through its current grocery and retail clients while strategically aligning with other Miami retailers and grocers. According to Martin Mayorga, there are plans to offer other “category disrupting” items in the near future.


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