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Maverick Coffee Trading aims to connect the supply chain in an environment friendly way

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WOERDEN, The Netherlands – 1st May 2021 saw the opening of Maverick Coffee Trading BV – a new Anglo Dutch Green Bean Coffee trading company based in Woerden, The Netherlands. The new company aims to seamlessly connect the two ends of the coffee supply chain as sustainably and environmentally as possible. “We are driven by our ethics, principles and belief that open, honest, transparent and fun supply chains are more reliable, more trustworthy and more sustainable” says founder and Managing Director Will Hobby.

A veteran of East African coffee exports, and European trade, Will Hobby has established Maverick Coffee Trading to serve those roasters who appreciate deep origin connections – 16 years after first setting foot in Kenya as an Intern with Volcafe.

With an abundance of specialty importers, and long-established multinational companies in the marketplace, Maverick sits somewhere in between.

“We don’t believe specialty coffee is the only route to improving farmers livelihoods” claims Will. Maverick will instead focus on premium and commercial coffees, building long lasting relationships between roaster and producer. Maverick is supported by SUBO International: a renowned Dutch Food Product distributor.

Maverick’s strategic positioning in the market and conscious decision not to carry European inventories will enable it to focus on its core objectives: Providing access to markets, finance, risk mitigation and a fair price to producers.

Enabling roasters to enjoy freedom to access origins, reliable and worry-free logistical services as well as financing initiatives, sustainability programs, quality assurance and deep-rooted coffee knowledge. It provides reliable, open, and sustainable relationship-based trading between growers in origin, and roasters in consuming countries.


The company plans to do all of this, whilst committing to not increase the Carbon Footprint of supplying coffee between point of purchase and point of sale.

For more information on Maverick Coffee, it’s plans for the future and environmental commitment go to or contact


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